Top 10 Fashion Trends of 2020

Although the COVID-19 scare and pandemic effect has made the world economy to hit a new low and the lifestyles being changed permanently for plenty, world fashion is slowly crawling to its own space with the latest fashion trends.

2020 is a new year, and various fashion trends are here to leave a permanent impression in the world of fashion. A new year can provide the world’s latest fashion trends. This year is a clean slate for the designers, and many designers might break away from their regular style and explore sustainability, newer forms of utility, and fluid design. Fashion is acceptable when it is universal. Be it a new mom or a lady; all have their own way of portraying fashion. Moms often can use the best postpartum belly wrap post-pregnancy.

As we move deep into 2020, let us look at the top ten fashion trends.

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#1: Colorful Leather

You might be thinking of fashion trends. Well, colorful leather is in this year. The summer 2020 fashion trends revel this trend is not going to go down soon. A rainbow array of styles in both real and faux is going to the biggest fashion statement of the year.

Colors might vary from pastels shades to animal prints but it is available in forms of dresses, jumpsuits, and pants.

#2: Victorian Sleeves

When you look back to the nineteenth century, Victorian-inspired sleeves were European fashion trends. The oversized shape of the sleeves creates an illusion of slimmer waists and provides an instant feminine touch.

It can be a great style statement with Victorian sleeves of soft colors and unleash the inner gothic princess in black or in grey.

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#3: Chunky Boots

Boots have always been fashion week trends. Chunky boots with a feminine outfit are in this year. A maxi with a cinched waist in block colors or bold patterns can show off the girly side. Such a dress can be teamed up with combat boots, and this 90’s authentic dressing can make heads turn.

#4: The Hat

Teaming up an appropriate hat with the dress can set a style statement. Blocking the sun with a pastel bucket hat can be the summer 2020 fashion trend. Although this trendy and cute accessory is impressive during any season and is so versatile that it can be worn with almost anything. Shades light beige or zesty lemon can be teamed up well with pastel hats.

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#5: Matching Tops and Stockings

The new fashion trend is to keep it consistent with a pair of matching tops and stockings. Be it girly or punk, the pair of matching stockings and the top can be a rocking look with cool patterns that can boost confidence.

With the shades of print, or streamline tone, this perfect pair of matches can create a memorable and sleek outfit.

#6: The Heels

Be it stilettos or the square-toed heels; beautiful legs can be made more beautiful with heels. Put a twist and turn the heads with the traditional square-toe heels. Long heels can lengthen your legs and adds a special touch in a unique way. If you have long legs, this is one of the best types of fashion trends.

These heels can help to keep the feet inside the sandal and yet provide a complete fashion trend when teamed with a funky or fresh outfit.


#7: The Bag

One of the biggest style statements is teaming up a bag in coordination with the outfit. Securing the products in a bucket styled bag is the latest fashion trend. The bucket styled bags were originated in 1932 by Louis Vuitton to keep champagnes fresh, but in 2020 this is the hottest accessory trend.

Apart from the style statement, these bags provide a lot of room along with a round shape and long body; that makes them invincibly cute.

#8: Necklaces

Accessories can be your style quotient, and oversized gold necklaces are the latest in fashion. These accessories can complement any outfit and can be teamed up with other jewels too.

#9: Suit

This professional wear can never be out of context. Suits with a feminine touch can be embroidered in silk or satin and can be work even while not in the office.

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#10: The Collar

The traditional button-down shirts have one of the most talked-about outfits of 2020. It can be customary to keep the shirt collar beneath the blazer, but the latest fashion statement is to sport shirts with big collars pulled out from their hiding place.

Well, now that you have an idea of what are the fashion trends for 2020, it’s time to get into green beauty. What are you waiting for? Try the belly wraps and set a new trend today!