A fashion-savvy woman wants to achieve a stylish yet trendy look to impress the world. If you also eagerly adapt to the fashion trends of the celebrities and supermodels, maybe it so because you’re obsessed with fashion. You are not only up to date with all the latest clothing collections coming out in the stores but also you stalk down online fashion stores just to see what next fashionable dress your favorite celebrity is wearing at the moment.

Just as there are addicts to a television series or books, there are also fashion victims who live by for stylistic trends. If you want to know if you are one of them, you just have to read this list of symptoms. Look at how many you meet, and you will discover your degree of obsession.

Here are the ten possible symptoms which tells that you are obsessed with fashion:

1.    You Judge People By the Way They Dress.

You will never admit it publicly but you judge people by the way they dress. For obvious reasons don’t say it loud but in your mind, you know that your coworker doesn’t look cool or his style sense is sloppy. With the first look, you form your opinion and label him as uncool

2.    You Sit in Front of the Computer to Buy Like Crazy

We understand that buying online is smarter as you can hunt down good deals and use store coupons but don’t you think you are overdoing it when you spend hours in front of the computer spending your entire paycheck shopping online? Hence, you are the victim of cyber shopping mania.

3.    You Pose in the Photos as if You Were a Blogger

You no longer know how to differentiate fiction from reality. You take your photos with hundreds of different poses, and your vacation photo album looks like the summer catalog of a trendy brand. Now this means you are getting way overboard with the fashion obsession.

4.     You Have Trendy Dog Names

You name your pet on any trendy name you stumble upon. Be it, Poppy, Karl, Cara or Coco, you find these names fashionable and consider perfect for your pet. You need to break away from this obsession as soon as possible because we don’t even want to think about what you will be able to do when you have a child. You could be naming your child Kevin Costner!

5.    When You Go to an Affordable Store and Identify Replicas of the High-end Brands

As soon as you set foot in Zara you don’t look at their dresses but you only see replicas or similar dress styles of your favorite high-end brands. You walk stroll down aisle by aisle like a fashion policeman identifying replicas of Luis Vuitton, Balmain, Chanel, more Vuitton. There is nothing in the store that surprises you.

6.    Your Vacations and Getaways Revolve Around Fashion

An exhibition of McQueen in London, a weekend of shopping in Paris, a visit to the gardens of Yves Saint Laurent in Marrakech. Every vacation opportunity that you get, you try to make full use out of it.

7.    Your Love for the Animal Prints

It is worth having a couple of dresses in those animal prints but buying everything with that same pattern may get too much. Shirts, dresses, wallpapers, glasses, no matter what you buy, it has an animal print on it.

8.    You Only Watch Movies for Their Costumes

You go to the movies just to watch you’re your favorite movie star wearing fashionable costumes. There is a life beyond Anna Hathaway from “The Devil wears Prada”. You have to open yourself to everything.

9.    Your House is Cute But Your Closet is Cuter

Your room is invaded by all the stylish clothes and the Vogue magazine is your bible. You only buy branded clothes and you don’t mind that it costs you an arm and a leg. You wear clothes just because they are trending. Even if they don’t suit you! You wear uncomfortable clothes to follow fashion and you dedicate your salary to clothes.

10.  Buy Things You Don’t Need Just Because They are Fashionable

You follow all the trends and realize that you don’t have a definite style. You don’t wear the right size and do not dress according to your age. You are not yourself when choosing your clothes: the current fashion guides you.

A fashion victim complies with these signs, lets the clothes take over her looks. Moreover, she does not know how to differentiate and choose only those clothes that suit her, she becomes obsessed with trends and does not mind spending a lot of money on the shopping.

There are some things that only fashion-savvy girls do. And If you have a friend obsessed with fashion, or if you are that friend these pointers comply with you:

  • You have six pairs of shoes, and none of them use them for sports.
  • Your partner becomes your photographer.
  • You always surprise your friends with your amazing clothes and that they are simply from Zara.
  • You are always heavily accessorized.
  • You are proud of the fact that you can identify garments that celebrities are wearing.
  • For you, the ugly shoe trend is incredibly chic.
  • You are the girl that all your friends turn to when a trend appears, and they ask you if it’s okay to use it or not.
  • Strangers stop you in the street to ask you where your shirt is, your wallet, your jeans, etc.
  • The space under your desk has a pair of shoes just in case to change them.
  • You took an early leave from work to go to a sale.
  • You can’t get up from your bed in the morning to go to the gym, but happily, you would set your alarm at 7 am to go to buy the latest collection of H&M collaborators.
  • You use your bookshelves as a display for your shoes and purses, and your desk is full of magazines and fashion books
  • You firmly believe that a look is not complete without a pair of glasses.
  • Your bank accountant constantly calls you to let you know that fraud has been committed to your card, but the truth is that you spent that huge amount of money in a store.
  • You have no problem with wearing pajamas outside the home (you love the trend of pajamas).
  • You have no problem with a stranger following you and asking ”Where did you buy that?“, Then run to acquire it. For a teaser, here are some fashion trends for 2020.


In short, you are living in a bubble. Life is not all about being spot on with fashion trends. It’s impossible to wear high heels and uncomfortable itchy clothes every day to work.