Avril Lavigne, Canadian pop singer who is a great combination of rock, punk and carries rebellious style. “Rock and roll” singer has a cool sense of fashion. She keeps her edgy style on the top.

She  managed to influence preteens or teens with her style of dressing when she started afresh with her singing debut and now she is being looked upon as a style icon with cool sense being reflected everywhere and by everyone.

Wanna get into that preppy style? No harm in trying someone’s style or following it in parts. That’s not wrong and tough!!  Believe me.

Starting With The Hairstyle:

Avril has changed a lot. Beginning with straight brown hair and then getting it dyed to give a blonde look followed by pink colored highlights under the front section of the hair to the latest style of pink and green look .


One can see the craze for streaks, choose any strand in their front and get it dyed in hot pink else in any other color going well with the actual texture of yours. Or add a couple of streaks of two different colors towards the front. This is  just an add on to get a funkier look. This is very much in trend.

 Make Up:

Be it any premiere, any awards function, any promotional event, she knows how to look attractive. Smoky eyes all the way with flawless skin. Summary of her shades;

Eyeshadows      : blue, black, orange, charcoal, gray, silver, bronze, nude.

Lipstick               : pink gloss, clear, gloss, nude, bubble gum.

Eyeliner style    : cat tail or winged. Mascara is must to top off the eyes.

Foundation can be applied to give the reflection of flawless skin and use soft pink blush on your cheeks.



She is dynamic be it in terms of experimenting with hair or her way of dressing up. Her favorite colors are Pink, Black And White. One can normally see her wearing denim and black t-shirts.

Seeing her dressing sense evolving since then, she can be seen wearing tight jeans and heels from her regular image of sporting anything funky and  yet cool.Her dresses normally are embellished with studs, skulls, crossbones, stripes and the likes.


For those who would like to get cool like her , One can go for this  (often spotted avril with this)-

Dress            :  Little Black Dress,Leather Dress, Leather Jacket

Hairstyle       :  Long Wavy Cut, Long Straight Cut,Long Side Part Long Curls

Footwear     :  Lace Up Boots, Studded Boots, Wedge Boots,   Platform Pumps, Combat Boots, Motorcycle Boots, Cutout Boots,  Pumps

Accessories  : Studded Tote,  Leather Tote,Trucker Hats, Leather Bracelet, Skull       Pendant Necklace,  Wayfarer Sunglasses.

 Tip: Be cool in mixing the latest trends with personal style and there you go!! One can have her pics on your screen and refer to it while mixing and matching outfits and blending it in her style.

Don’t overdo. No need to copy her completely for the fear of being called a copycat. Just add a tinge of Avril’s cool essence and sport that look. Hence, you are done!!

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