Did You often get mesmerized by seeing your favorite celebrities wearing those amazing pair of heels? Footwear are the basic yet most essential part for a complete look. Your shoes define your lifestyle and dressing sense. When it comes to footwear specially heels you have endless options. You can wear wedges, block heels, pumps,stilettos etc.

You can choose anything to keep your feet in trend but being fashionable doesn’t mean always being comfortable. You might also suffer from corns, bunions, and fallen arches. These might bother you and lower your self confidence. But you don’t need to worry about it anymore.

Here are some basic tips that might help you to get the best elite pair of heels without harming your feet.

  1. Choose the type of heels you want.

The basic step of choosing the right heels is to first decide the type of heels you want. There are nearly about 25 kinds of heels to choose from including stilettos, kittens, pumps, ankle straps,wedges,cones etc All you need is to choose the style you like. It should be suitable to your dress and of course to your feet.

type of heel

  1. Choose the color

Color is another essential part while you are going to buy your heels. Black is the most desirable color when it comes to buying heels. It matches almost every attire. Black is the new black when it comes heels along with that you can get shoes with your matching sling or bag, it’s the new trend to get a funky bag with matching heels to give that sizzling look.


  1. Get the right size

You may not consider it an important part when it comes to choosing footwear but trust me it is the major reason why people often gets shoe bites. Never forget to notice the gap between the shoe and the wearer’s heel and arch areas so that it doesn’t bother you later.

There should be enough space between your toes and shoes so that you can move them to avoid pain.


  1. Height- Important factor

Height of the heel is something that shouldn’t be according to trend but according to how much you can handle them. It’s obvious that you might suffer sprained ankle but to some extent you can avoid it by just getting a right pair of heels.

Choose the heels in which you are confident enough that you will be able to carry them for a long time. High heels can be worn with heights varying from of 1.5 inches to 5 inches or more.

There are some extremely high heels of 6 inches as well but you need to be very careful while wearing them. You can choose the one that according to you is comfortable and you can carry them easily.

  1. Pamper your feet

Spare some time from your busy schedule to give your feet the care they actually need. Get foot spa done at least after every 15 days so that your feet look beautiful like ever. Always apply foot or crack creams before going to bed at night .


Happiness is homemade therefore you can also do something for your feet by just using some of the ingredients that easily available at your home only. These are:
DIY foot scrub

2tbsp sugar
1/2 tbsp honey
1/2 teaspoon olive oil
Massage it every time you go to bed at night.

DIY foot spa

1/4th cup of Listerine
1/4th cup of vinegar
1 cup of warm water
Soak your foot in it for about 10minutes. It will give you soothing relief from a well spent but tiring day in heels

Always keep in mind the tips mentioned above and you will never be disappointed when it comes to buying heels. Go rock girls always look beautiful and classy with your elite pair of heels because somebody had said – “give a girl a right pair of shoes and she will conquer the world”

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