Summer is almost around the corner and it’s a great opportunity to shed a few pounds and get in good shape. losing weight is healthy if you are overweight but it can become an obsession if your mind is continually thinking about it and your whole life revolves around the diet and your measurements.

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1.   Do You Control What You Eat, Drink, Exercise Regularly

Obsessive weight loss leads to control of everything around us. You start with recording your daily intake of food and water. You also note down how much you exercised. This develops into an obsession and after every meal, you blog about it and recheck your weight.

It is true that losing weight is healthy but keeping a strict check on every meal and weighing yourself afterward is not necessary.

2.   Do You Weigh Yourself Before and After Doing Anything?

The extreme need to check your weight every two minutes means that weighing becomes your priority, especially after exercising or going to the bathroom. Weighing every two minutes will not lead to weight loss. You will not lose weight because of your compulsive behavior but rather by conscious, realistic and consistent action.

3.   Are You Going to Sleep Thinking About What You Ate?

Going to bed thinking about what you ate earlier in the day, foods you avoided to eat or what you will eat the next day is another sign of that obsession. Thinking about food before falling asleep is the worst thing you can do since getting up will be the first thing you will think about. Before sleeping you have to relax but instead, you release more cortisol and stress hormones that are responsible for the weight gain.

4.   Do You Spend too Much Time Researching the Subject?

Getting your self informed about what to eat better is a healthy habit but spending almost all your free time searching for various diet plans, watching programs, and reading books on how to lose weight is not healthy. You won’t find that magic formula because it doesn’t exist, so stop obsessing. The more information you look on the subject, the more confused you will be.

5.   Do You Look at the Weight of Others?

Comparing your weight with that of others only feeds that obsession you have for losing weight. If such a person eats more and gains less weight afterward doest mean you should start eating junk and put on weight. Everybody is different, and the worst thing you can do to yourself is to compare yourself with others.

6.   I Have a Compulsive Disorder With My Weight, What Should I Do?

The first step is to recognize that you have an obsession with weight loss and the second step is to replace it with a positive thought. Another way to stop thinking about weight is to do meditation or yoga. Being relaxed will allow you to reflect on those toxic habits that you created.

The changes will be seen in the long term and your obsession will slowly disappear, and your mental health will eventually improve. If not, it is always advisable to go to a therapist which will guide you towards positivity and a healthy lifestyle.

Losing weight is good if you are thinking of getting fit and leading a healthier lifestyle. When the diet is under the supervision of a professional, weight loss is a fairly slow process that requires changes in diet and lifestyle. However, these changes can cause anyone to become obsessed with their weight. Many of the behaviors associated with weight loss obsession are related to eating disorders, which can cause serious health complications.

7.   Avoid Some Food

One of the signs of being obsessed with weight loss is to skip important meals like breakfast or deprive themselves of some foods because they believe that those calories will affect their weight. A person who cares excessively about the number of calories he is eating is a clear sign that he is obsessed with his weight.

Skipping meals or depriving yourself of some foods cause the sugar levels to drop sharply, and weakens the body since the body needs those calories for energy. Besides, the body detects the lack of calories and enters a “state of shock” that slows down the metabolism process.

8.   Exercising too Much

Exercising is good for health (mental and physical), but it is possible to take it too far and become obsessed with body training to lose weight quickly. People with a less attractive body could start exercising excessively to fulfill their desire of having a toned body.

9.   Weigh Yourself Every day

The imperative need to weigh daily becomes a habit especially after exercising. Weighing several times a day will not increase weight loss. On the contrary, you achieve your goal weight by conscious, realistic and consistent actions

10.Thoughts About Weight and Diet

Going to bed thinking about what we have eaten throughout the day, what we have avoided and what we will eat, is another sign of weight-loss obsession. Thinking about the food you will eat leads to that obsessive that prevents you from falling asleep.

Sleeping is a relaxing thing but if you disrupt it by thinking about losing weight then you cant sleep soundly and the body will not get its much-needed rest.

10. Compare With Others

Life is not a beauty contest, although many people see it that way. People who are obsessed with their weight cant live without comparing their bodies to other people, just to see if their body resembles theirs or not.

The objective is to combat this habit and its harmful consequences. First of all, you should try to detect negative thoughts and what causes them to manifest. Being aware of this obsessive problem can help focus on finding strategies that avoid this compulsive habit.

11.  You Constantly Look in the Mirror

You don’t look in the mirror because you want to see how beautiful you look, but you are looking for the signs that tell you that you have gained some extra pounds.

12. You Think Being Thinner Will Solve Your Problems

This is a major problem for young girls who think they are going to get a better job or a spouse in their life if they lose weight and look extra slim. Here’s some more talk on body obsession.


Weight obsession is serious. In your desperation to lose weight, you tend to take everything to extremes and add new foods to your banned list every day. By doing this, you only feed your obsession, while depriving your body of the energy and nutrients it needs. If you can relate to this, you should start avoiding it.