Galas are one of the rare occasions where you can wear a long and beautiful evening gown. Gala outfits include; long strapless dress, with sheath and ample princess skirt. However, be careful not to go overboard with dressing. It would be better to opt for a long halter dress rather than something old fashioned and outdated.

Below are some style tips for men and women getting ready for the gala:

Gala Outfit for Women:


1.    The Perfect Gala Dress

When you receive an invitation card for such a big event, the immediate question you ask yourself is what to wear?

Women have the option to wear a long evening dress. Just like with the Black Tie Dress code, it is a requirement that the evening dress is worn to the heel. This can be a strapless dress with or without cleavage. The dress is made of a thin and elegant fabric, usually without sleeves, but the dress can also be worn with long sleeves.


  • The long evening dress is undoubtedly the most appropriate option for the gala event.
  • A black sheath dress with a neckline is also another option you might want to consider.
  • Strapless or a princess cut gala dresses are also recommended. You can also opt for a dress split on the side of the dress.
  • You can also wear a dress, with sequins, gems, and rhinestones. Red, white and turquoise are the colors you can confidently wear at a gala. Also pay attention to the choice of fabric: satin, lace or silk. Go for elegant materials.

In any case, your gala dress should remain elegant and not play the card of provocation. You can look completely original without being immodest.


2.    Other Gala Outfits for Women

There are other clothing options for those who do not want to slip into an evening gown for the gala. The options include well-tailored pants and elegant shirt with silk fabric not only looks elegant but chic. Well, known designer Yves Saint-Laurent responded to the demand for such an outfit by creating the first tuxedo for women.

Another trend is the jumpsuit. We also consider it to be the new evening dress. Wear it with an elegant jacket, especially if the top is strapless or has thin straps. To change from the traditional evening dress, adopt a skirt with a “jewel” top that will add style to your outfit. If you choose a short dress, make sure that it’s at least knee-length.

Finally, for those who want to make a bold entry to the gala, they opt for a playsuit. Since playsuits are more daring to wear, young people can carry them well. Choose a playsuit with elegant cut and style and made in a silky fabric.


3.    Take Care of Your Appearance: Hairstyle, Makeup, Shoes, and Accessories

In addition to the gala clothes, you also need to take care of your general appearance. Hair and make-up must be in sync with your evening wear. Don’t hesitate to get professional advice. Also, pay attention to the choice of your shoes; in general, heels are commonly worn at such events. long dresses pair well with high heels. Finally, associate your outfit with well-chosen accessories. That just makes the outfit festive. If your outfit is already bright, don’t overshadow it with excessive jewelry, instead opt ​​for discreet earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. On the other hand, a long evening dress with a large neckline will go perfectly together. In such events minimalism is often required; for example, go out with a clutch rather than a huge purse.

The clutch is an accessory in which everyday items are worn like a lipstick. A handbag or a backpack does not match the gala dress code.

You don’t wear a coat with an evening dress, but it’s too cold outside, wear a nice stole (scarf). If you want to put on a coat, wear a nice long coat that hangs over your shoulders.

4.    Pumps

Shoes are very important at a gala. With this dress code, you have to appear on pumps or heels. Remember that you can dance at a gala. Very high heels are not always the best option. Make sure the pumps match the rest of your outfit.

If you choose a simple black dress, you can choose shoes in a different color. Make sure they match your clutch and possibly your earrings. You are also allowed to wear peep-toes.


Gala Outfit for Men:


1.    The Perfect Gala Outfit:


For men its very simple to dress up for gala as they have limited options. For example, you can wear a very formal suit, the white tie, but then you could be overdressed. A safe option is a tuxedo or black tie.  Not everyone has a tuxedo in the closet. Therefore, tuxedos are often rented.

2.    The Jacket

It is a single-breasted jacket with classic lapels. Single-breasted means that there is only one row of buttons. The jacket hardly overlaps on the front. The lapel is the collar of the jacket, classic lapels of a tuxedo are thin. The jacket is made of black wool and the lapel made of black satin.


3.    The Pantaloon

The pantaloon is made of the same material as the jacket and has a high waist. The hallmark of a pantaloon for a tuxedo is the decorative strip. This is a satin trim in the same fabric as the collar of the jacket, which runs over the side seam of the pants.


4.    The Shirt

You have to wear a  white shirt with a small collar, a smooth front, and a blind button closure. You don’t see the buttons on the shirt.


5.    The Cummerbund or Gilet

The cummerbund is a kind of silk belt that you wear over your pants. The waistcoat is a sleeveless vest that is cut low at the front. You wear one of them over the waist (you never wear them together). This will keep your shirt in place.


6.    Black shoes

The shoes are the finishing touch to your outfit. Choose black patent leather shoes and wear black ones.


7.    Men’s accessories

The gala dress code is very important for men. It is mandatory to wear a bow tie. ties are allowed provided the occasion is more informal. Besides, at a school gala, it is often the intention to wear a corset (unless the invitation says otherwise). Learn more about getting ready for a gala here.



With these tips for a perfect gala outfit, you’re ready to rock the party and turn a lot of heads. Dress well and dress in style With the right outfit and gala etiquette, the evening can no longer go wrong!