This time, Milan Fashion Week for the Spring or Summer 2020 has revealed fashion trends in military wardrobe with a tonal suit and with limited accessories have secured winnings. In this blog post, we will discuss a few of the fashion trends, which have created a huge buzz for this Spring or Summer 2020.

Trend 1-Trend of Crochet Silhouettes

This trend is mainly found in Fendi, Bottega Veneta, and Missoni. An interesting aspect, in this case, is that each of these categorizes under Italian fashion and the artists have put efforts to include unique handcrafted touch for the spring/summer 2020. Missoni, Fendi and Bottega Veneta presented a few of the stylish silhouettes of the year in the homespun yarn, including a pencil skirt design for the spring fashion.

Trend 2-Military Details

We have observed military details in Max Mara, Sportmax and Bottega Veneta. Even though military-based outfits are rare ones for the summer/spring season, Milan fashion witnessed the unique combination of utility uniforms. Firstly, Max Mara’s supermodels legion performed ramp walk by wearing sharp military pattern suits with ties. Later on, new Bottega Veneta models wore Bermuda short, which is consistently becoming one of the house signatures and going ahead on a practical edge via officer styled pockets.

Trend 3-Hothouse Prints

2 Milan-Fashion-Week

The trend of hothouse prints is commonly found in Versace, Fendi and Marni models. Each of these teams has created a huge buzz in the spotlights with exclusive collections of hothouse prints. Fendi models adorned their patented skirt suits and wore matching shoes and bucket hats. On the other side, Marni and Versace put efforts to obtain a perfect match with sculptural and floral headpieces combined with the sultry type of horticultural prints.

Trend 4-Cream Tailoring

Whether you have a look at the chic shirt combination of JilShander or full tonal look of Tod, you will find luxury cream tailoring collections as a demanding fashion collection for the summer/spring 2020. Your may see cream tailor designs in Agona, Tods and Jil Sander models.

Trend 5-Trench-coat Pattern Dresses

Trench coat dresses have made a wonderful comeback with the preference of Agnona, Bottega Veneta and Tod, all of which opt to style leather trenches and lightweight gabardines as fashion dresses. Along with this, Agnona fashion models have included leather slacks with their outfits.