Interacting with a stranger person may sometimes give a nerve-wracking experience. However, it also gives you fun and excitement, as talking allows you to know an unknown person. If you want to make new friends or simply communicate with nearby people, you should choose a conversation opener and setup your conversation with a stranger right from there. If possible, you should converse in different situations, so that you get a chance to meet many people.

1. Make Proper Eye Contact before Start Talking

Eye contact shows connection and interest both. If any person fulfills your gaze, you are at a good start. You should smile in a warm way and make the way towards him/her. If the person seems disinterested or looks away, you should try eye contact with another person. You should try catching the person’s eye but strictly avoid glancing away too fast or stare down. Instead, you should hold your eye contact for about 2seconds.

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2. Examine the Body Language of the Person

Approach a person, who has his/her legs and arms uncrossed and does not remain busy or distract from someone or something else. Once you start communication with a stranger, you have to observe whether the person leans towards you and engage in communicating with you actively. You have to monitor the body language of the respective person while you communicate. Especially, you should focus on his/her looks and check whether he/she seems to be comfortable.

3. Make a Few Small Talks to Setup the Conversation

You should never start your conversation with any deep inquiry or personal questions. Instead, you should make a few small talks for establishing your conversation. For instance, you may comment on the day’s climate or weather, ask about the way, he/she spends the weekend or upcoming weekend plans and stay genuinely curious of the response. In other words, you should comment on the simplest things and setup your conversation.

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4. Ask Open-ended Questions to Know Someone in Detail

Whether you want to start communication with a stranger in your nearby grocery store, in the office of a doctor or a co-traveler in your flight, you should start by asking open-ended questions. However, you have to keep in mind that the question should be a casual and light one, instead of a personal question.

5. Never Forget to Give a Compliment if you Like Anything about a Person

Many people enjoy getting compliments and hence, giving a good compliment is an excellent way to start talking to a person. You have to notice something, which you like about the individual and praise him/her by saying some nice words. Compliments play a major role to make people to feel good and open towards communication.

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6. Disclose Only a Bit about You to Make the Person Comfortable

You should strictly avoid narrating a long story about your hectic work schedule or about your ex. In contrast, you should tell only a bit about your personal or professional life to start the conversation. Talking about you and your life a little will indicate that you are open and it may encourage the other individual to communicate openly.

7. Search for Anything Common in the Other Person

Lastly, you should put effort to know a stranger is looking for a common interest. Therefore, with simple and easy tips, you may easily start and move ahead with an effective conversation with a stranger.