Love have always been an incredible feeling. Love changes people. It makes people get head over heals. Being in a relationship is best feeling ever because you will always have somebody with whom you can talk like best friends, care like parents and protect each other like siblings. There is no relationship in the world where people don’t fight or argue with each other. If a guy and a girl are in a relationship it’s but obvious that inspite of loving each other truly, madly and deeply there can be bit of arguments between them. But girls you can avoid those fights by just keeping in mind few things which your boyfriend don’t want to hear from you. He might get offended by listening those lines from you. Some of them are:

  1. Can I have your Facebook password?

No Matter how loyal is your boyfriend still he would never want you to ask about his Facebook or any other social media account password. He would never want you to have a look at his friend list and the girls he have added to his account.

  1. Was she prettier than me?

Most irritating yet commonly asked by many girls. Every girl want to have complete bio data about your ex-girlfriend. Despite having basic information like name, address she also want to know how much pretty she was and would also compare herself with your ex-girlfriend.

  1. You’re not mature enough.

All your sensible decisions that you have taken all your life might go in vain when you have done a something really silly. Just like mom she will start yelling at you for no reason. Remember girls they never want you to say them that they are not mature enough it might hurt there ego.

  1. I still miss him!

And this dialogue could soon create a disaster in your life. Girls you might have lots of interest in your current boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend but frankly your boyfriend is least interested in listening what your ex-boyfriend did, where he put up etc. So stop telling him the things your ex did for you.

  1. I don’t like your friend.

How serious you both are for each other still your boyfriend would never want you to comment anything bad about his friends. It is really annoying for him when you say you don’t like his friend. He even won’t like if you will keep on interrupting when he is watching a match or playing Xbox.

  1. You are changed!

Girls, just because he is not talking to you nicely from couple of days that too because he has some important work at office or just because he haven’t said you I love you while hanging up the phone doesn’t mean that he is changed. Just like you always want him to understand you in all the highs and lows of your life, he might somewhere needs your emotional support as well.

These are very small yet very essential things that girl should always keep in mind if he want her relationship to last forever. Nobody is perfect in this world yet if you find somebody perfect for your life just don’t make him hurt over such pity issues. If he can make you feel special on whether its your birthday or valentine’s day you should also make some effort to make him happy. Keep loving! 🙂