Victoria Caroline Beckham, commonly known as Victoria Beckham is an iconic fashion figure. In her early career she has been a singer; pop star and a famous model. The mother of four, was once the one of the UK’s famous four, spice girls.

She has also had a very vibrant modelling career. From London Fashion week to being the ambassador of Dolce & Gabbana, lady Beckham has earned it all.

Not only that, Victoria now has a very vast fashion chain. She started her fashion career by launching her own denim brand DVB in 2007. In 2008, Victoria Beckham, launched her eponymous label and by 2012 she was the most talked about.

Adding to the versatility of her careers, Victoria also released a book in 2001.  The best selling non-fiction title of 2001 was Victoria Beckham’s autobiography titled as, “learning to fly”. Te ook talked about her childhood, her career, the spice girl time and her family life.

In 2007, it was reported that Beckham was the 52nd richest woman in Britain and the 19th richest person in Britain with husband David, with an estimated joint wealth of £112 million ($225 million).

Victoria and David Beckham have 4 kids Sons, Romeo James, Cruz David and daughter Harper Seven. The family has been spotted together many time and all times in vogue.

So let’s route towards her iconic style path since-

The sassiest spice girl

Back in 90’s when Victoria was one of the spice girls, who were considered the diva’s of the town, she always stood out. It not only her killer looks but her never dying attitude that uplifts her from others. There is no rule book she follows when it comes to styling. For Victoria Beckham , she is the style.

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The bride says it all

Victoria Beckham as we all know is the wife of very charming and famous soccer player David Beckham. Her eldest son Brooklyn was 4 months old when David and Victoria got married. Nobody else but Brooklyn himself was the ring bearer. The wedding pictures when released in the market created a buzz. Ironically, the secret event was then the current affair.

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Nonchalant yet classy

Victoria Beckham’s style statement goes something like this-“if you haven’t got it, fake it.

Too short?

Wear big high heels but do practice walking.” This not only shows her professionalism but also displays her moral ethics.

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Her perfect match

“ I don’t want to be seen smiling, having fun or eating”

When asked in an interview why she never smiles she stated that” I am smiling on the inside, i feel like i owe an responsibility to the fashion community”.

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She sure knows what she wants

“I can’t concentrate in flats”

Victoria Beckham says that now she feels as a successful person and she could achieve it because she believed she can. It not only her attire that’s sassy but also her approach to things. If there’s one thing we know for sure, style is for everyone but for style are some.



Mom in vogue

“I am still me, even after all that has happened”

Victoria Beckham is not only an amazing singer, designer and wife but also a wonderful mother. Her kids are big mommy fans. She once stated in an interview “ my kids follow me everywhere”. But this mother sure knows how to practice motherhood in vogue.


I guess her sense of style is contagious

She quotes “I couldn’t have done anything better with my life”, that says it all.