One piece dresses are always in trend. Girls usually love to wear them especially on some great occasions either it’s a date or hanging out with friends. Just like icing on the cake embellish the cake and make it tempting you can also look more appealing by accessorizing your outfit in many ways.

You can wear some jewelry like long chains, neck piece, rings or opaque tights. When it comes to one piece dresses opaque tights are something you can surely rely on as it is definitely going to add up glamour to your outfit of the day. But, you should be aware of selecting the right one that match up with your dress. We can help you out in choosing the right one.

  1. Black opaque – the true Savior!

Black opaque are actually the true Savior because you can carry it with any kind of dress no matter what the color or the style of the dress black opaque will always match up no matter what. If you are thinking to wear an opaque tights you can choose the basic black one without giving a second thought.

  1. Winter favorites

During winters you can’t just actually carry the dress without opaque tights. They look nice without wrecking the winsomeness of the dress. You can also take along an overcoat with you if there are acute winters along with some heels to enhance your beauty. For winters if you want to wear dresses then opaque tights are must have.

  1. Colors

It’s not really necessary to wear black opaque with dresses you can also make your look funkier by wearing dresses with different colors of opaque suiting with your dress. For instance if you are planning to wear black dress with white polka dots then rather than wearing a black opaque and making it More formal You can add a tinct of funkiness by wearing some bright pop up color of opaque. You can wear pink or any color you like.

  1. Patterns

Along with colors opaque are available in different patterns too. A wide range of patterns are available including fishnets, sheer tights even reversible tights are also available with some beautiful textures like flowers and polka dots. Knee highs are also something you can invest in to keep yourself trendy. Knee highs can also be wore with hot pants or you can carry them with a line and mullet skirts.

  1. Footwear

When you wear opaque tights along with choosing the right color and pattern of opaque with your dress one more thing you should keep in your mind is your footwear. Shoes can be a vital part for the whole look and at the same time choosing a wrong pair can demolish the whole look. You can wear wedges or pumps and even booties with opaque and it will add on to the complete look. Block heels can also be something you can carry as it also a good option.

Always keep in mind the above points and somewhere you will never be in dilemma when it comes to accessorize your look by wearing opaque. Some people think they don’t look good when they wear opaque and at the same time some people think that it downturns their outfit but in reality it looks great when you wear opaque especially in winters.

They actually give a different look to your dress. If you want to wear a short dress or mini skirt you can definitely carry it with opaque. Always be confident about what you wear and always carry it with a smile coz you are not fully dressed until you smile!