It is common for the fashion industry to revisit the past and add new charms to the retro-outfits. 2018 is the year of the palazzos. The trend will stay for a while before it receives an update in the future. They are a win-win addition to the closet, which offers versatility, comfort, and style. While you are adding a few to the shopping cart, do not forget to pick a few palazzos.

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As with anything, it is often troublesome for many to pick the right style or design. The fashion godmother heard your pleas and is giving you every tip she can to choose the style that best fits for any occasion.

  1. Straight cut palazzos

Formal wear is always attractive and comfortable. It is never tiring! Choose the straight cut palazzo as the alternative, which is a perfect addition for any length of the top that you choose. Color contrast is most important while you pick the palazzo. It is crucial when you are planning to make a statement.

  1. Flared palazzos

Flared palazzos are popular across the different types. It almost mimics the design of the skirt. However, in practicality, it offers more than a skirt. They are breathable and airy, and create a quick style statement. You can wear it even with a plain shirt. They are available in different prints and patterns. Choose the model and color according to your height.

  1. Cropped palazzos

They are a new addition to the collection. Much like the regular palazzos, they end an inch above the ankle with a trail at the heel. The design adds a modern and chic look. It brings casual appearance with all the elegance that one expects. You can pair them with kitten heels or flats.

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  1. Layered palazzos

Of course, the layered palazzos are a perfect outfit to create a unique style statement. The additional layers add more elegance and drama. They do add all the needed attention that one expects. You can only show the added layers of the palazzo by wearing shorter tops. Wedges and long earring will be icing!

  1. Trouser palazzos

Trouser styled palazzos are perfect for those who are seeking to look sexy yet formal. The waist that comes with fitted sizes has a zipper to one side, which provides a perfect sleeker and toned look. The pleating, which is often at the back for others, is absent in this style that gives a neater and more elegant finish to the overall appearance. Pairing it with a single colored top and a galaxy necklace will brighten up the outfit for the special occasion.

  1. Culottes

Culottes originated in the 18th century and are also the inspiration behind the cropped palazzos. Taking the cues from the original work, the culottes inspired palazzos are a perfect addition to the closet for casual couture. You can quickly create a formal appearance by tucking the top. Such styles create androgynous statements. Therefore, they are a perfect pick for a casual meeting.

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So, with the different styles of the palazzos available in the current trend, you have numerous options to pick the right one according to the need. Do consider your height, as they can make you look short or lengthy! Happy shopping.