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The tremendous growth in the online e-commerce websites has had its mixed influences in the fashion industry around the world. On one hand, it has helped fashion designers to manufacturers to reach out to a larger base of consumers but on the other hand, it has made it easier to create copy these designs and sell them at cheaper rates. Let us discuss the influence of increasing e-commerce websites on Fashion Industry in terms of Pros and Cons.

Pros of e-commerce fashion websites

Making Fashion Affordable

The biggest advantages of the fashion clothing and accessories being sold online has been the significant drop in the prices of latest trends in fashion. Earlier, the latest designer clothing was limited to very few people who could afford the high price but now they have become more affordable, allowing everyone to enjoy fashion at a low price. There are many websites that offer huge discounts to the customers that are impossible to get at any of the offline stores. The biggest base of consumers of the latest designer clothing is youngsters who often lack the budget to afford expensive clothing. The affordable fashion is a great thing for the fashion industry.

Promoting Fashion Globally

Online Websites of fashion have allowed fashion from one part of the world to be available globally. Latest trends in fashion are no longer limited to single part of the world but available for fashion lovers globally. Thus, e-commerce websites have helped enormously in promoting fashion trends globally. Young fashion designers can easily access the designs from the top designers and become better designers.

Facilitating Interaction of Designs

Latest trends in fashion are undoubtedly about innovative designs. However, innovative designs are always inspired by existing trends in some or the other ways. E-commerce websites have increased the access to existing designs that has made it easier for the designers to improve on the existing designs or simply mix and match them to produce an innovative design. The fusion of designs always helps something like fashion that is never static but flourishes on changes.

Cons of e-commerce websites

Plagiarism of Designs

Plagiarism is something that is not good for any industry including fashion industry. Unfortunately, e-commerce websites have promoted plagiarism of original designs from the top designers. Many small brands or tags use top designs into their cheap designer clothes that surely helps consumers but not good at all for the manufacturers of actual designs who have paid several dollars to buy these designs. Also, it is an injustice for the genuine fashion designers who put lots of efforts to create these original designs.

Discouraging Innovation

In some ways, easy availability of fashion designs via e-commerce fashion websites have given a shortcut to the less popular fashion designers to produce new designs with lesser efforts. There is no harm in putting lesser efforts but the tendency to simply mix and match designs hampers innovation in designs.

The big designers and manufacturers are the greatest loss while small consumers and producers are enjoying the benefits rise of e-commerce websites in fashion clothing.