Thick eyebrows seem to be an important part of the beauty standard because they can make your face look younger and more impressive. On the other hand, thin eyebrows make us older and duller. Aging process might be responsible for thin eyebrows or you can experience them due to other reasons, such as nutritional deficiencies or health problems. While many people seek to grow their eyebrows, most of them struggle with what to do. In fact, eyebrows can be grown naturally if you know how to use some natural ingredients. They are better than the use of cosmetics or surgery because, in the long term, you do not worry about side effects. Let’s find out how to make your eyebrows thicker within a short period of time.

Onion Juice

You might feel uncomfortable when it comes to onion, but admit it. Onion is one of the best spices you can find in the kitchen with the ability to end a lot of health problems. Besides, onion is beneficial for eyebrow growth as well. Containing sulfur which stimulates the collagen production, onion will make your eyebrows grow more quickly and better. In addition, your hair follicles will benefit from onion juice too.


  •        Get one small onion grinded and extracted to have its fresh juice
  •        Apply the juice over your eyebrows and massage them in more or less than 5 minutes
  •        You should leave it dry by itself, before taking cold water and mild cleanser to wash it

Please make sure that onion juice does not contact with your eyes to avoid unwanted irritations. Be patient with this method in several weeks to notice improvements.

Coconut Oil

Dense eyebrows can be grown if you are used to coconut oil – one of the best essential oils from the nature. It contains so many proteins and important nutrients that your eyebrows need to grow over time. For example, iron and vitamin E from coconut oil can promote the length as well as dark color of your eyebrows. In the long term, you will have beautiful eyebrows.

You had better apply warm coconut oil over the eyebrows and remember to give these areas massage for several minutes. This aims to promote the blood circulation beneath. You can apply this method before going to bed at night. Nutrients will penetrate into the eyebrows better through night. However, when you wake up, remember to take warm water to clean it.

Olive Oil

Another common oil which is suitable for eyebrow treatment is olive oil. It is an excellent source of vitamin E for your hair to grow thicker and faster. Furthermore, olive oil is beneficial for the dark color of your eyebrows.

Follow the same process as you do with coconut oil. The best time to use olive oil over your eyebrows is 5 minutes before your bedtime. After one night, your eyebrows will absorb it better.

Besides, olive oil can be combined with some honey drops to get a mask for your eyebrows. But do not let it contact with eyes and remember to use warm water to clean it all after 30 minutes.   

Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek seeds can be your favorite snack and in fact, they are very healthy. So we strongly recommend you do so every day. However, the possibly unknown health benefit of fenugreek seeds is to grow eyebrows quickly. These seeds contain such a great number of proteins, lecithin and nicotinic acids. All of them contribute to better and faster hair growth. Furthermore, it also plays an essential role in enhancing your hair follicles.

How to do:

  •        Take fenugreek seeds (about one teaspoon) and put them into water for more than 5 hours
  •        Get them grinded and mix the paste with some almond or coconut oil
  •        The paste had better be applied over eyebrows

Likewise, you had better use this method before bedtime and do not forget to use warm water to clean your eyebrows in the morning. 2-3 times on a weekly basis will bring you positive results quickly.


Last but not least, lemon is an amazing tip on how to make your eyebrows thicker. And you definitely do not have to spend a lot of money on this remedy. It is a wonderful source of vitamins, such as B or C, and important nutrients, such as folic acids. They are beneficial for eyebrow growth.

Lemon can be rubbed directly on the eyebrows so that the juice has direct contact. Remember to close your eyes to prevent it from running into yours. However, you have to avoid sunlight in about 2 hours when you apply this method. This aims to lighten your hair’s color.