The world has changed from the things that are in “Trend” to the things that are in “Trending” in a blink of an eye. There were the times when fashion giants spent millions upon millions in order to maintain their prestige in the public eye to show off the dominance and conduct the way we perceive the fashion trends. These times are sadly or not now far behind us. Andy Warhol famously said that in future “Everyone will be famous for 15 Minutes” and as you can see the times that he predicted are more than present. How did it come to be that fashion industry giants are losing the battle to otherwise not so famous fashion reviewers with a shocking number of millions of followers? Is it the time to declare the death of fashion magazines and forget about fashion advertising via billboards and commercials?

Instagram influencers 1 – 0 Fashion Industry Giants

Do you remember the times when Prada use to advertise the best briefcases for lawyers via fashion magazines and TV commercials? If so, you are one of the few people that still remember this type of advertising as a primary source of information for eager buyers.

Some may say that these were simpler and straightforward times where we knew exactly to look in order to find certain things that are of interest to us. But the times have dramatically changed for good or for worse if you look from the perspective of worlds fashion leaders.

All that there is to be done is that you try to look for a certain fashionable thing on a search engine and then before you know it that same thing will be advertised all over your social media account. If only the fashion industry giants knew that this will happen in a time where models use to adorn the front pages of magazines and cover every second billboard next to the highway on your way back home from work the world of fashion industry marketing would be much different today.

Nothing is there to be done when you have a young, beautiful and loquacious person presenting a certain piece of clothing to his tens of millions of followers with only a smartphone and a free Instagram account. The shocking turn in fashion industries way of advertising happened when a Vogue page experienced a fewer number of visitors and followers than some chatty girl next door who just happens to be more interesting in presenting the way things should be worn with style.

The World of Fashion Industry Marketing is Changing for Good

In a futile attempt to hold of their prestige power, these companies tried to implement their way of thinking into Instagram fashion influencers but the glory remained with not so famous bloggers and not the well-known elegant fashion brands. The only thing that there was to be done was that they try to do the very same thing with their Instagram accounts but surprise-surprise that didn’t happen.

In fact, not only that these Instagram influencers today have far greater outreach and the number of followers but the not so famous brands started to be advertised far more than the prestigious brands that always had a small hub of devoted users who could afford them. This doesn’t mean the death of prestigious fashion brands but nonetheless, it proves the fact how the turbulent change in the way of promoting certain fashion trends is happening right now.

Arguably there wasn’t anyone who could predict this kind of future for the fashion industry but to put all the things in the perspective of an average person on the internet who wants a clean and free way of promotion, this happens to be just the right way of doing things.

What does the future of fashion industry marketing hold for us? Or will today’s famous fashion influencers on Instagram become the agents of fashion industries giants? The time will show us the answers and all we have to do is choose who to listen to when trying a new creation or simply who to follow and embrace as the new fashion leader.

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