Before 2016, the idea of size inclusivity in the fashion industry was foreign. People have always existed in different shapes and sizes. However, most fashion brands have only one type of body figure in mind when making clothes. They make their clothes for people with the ‘old’ traditional model figure. The problem? Most men and women aren’t built that way.

By preparing clothes for limited body size/shape, fashion brands ignore over 60 percent of the population that does not fit into the model box.

Even up until 2018, size inclusivity was still a foreign concept to most brands. Making clothes for diverse sizes wasn’t commonly accepted.

Why Some Fashion Brands Find it Difficult to Make Clothes for Diverse Sizes

Women have different sizes and body shapes. Even two women with the same body size could end up having different body shapes, such that an outfit that fits one won’t look good on the other.

According to a survey carried out by Alvanon and theCurvyConn on over 215 women, most women find it hard to identify their body shape which affects how they shop. When a woman describes herself as hourglass when she isn’t, she ends up getting an hourglass-shaped cloth that doesn’t look any good on her.

This problem is not entirely on the side of the customers. It is also because brands do not market their products to diverse audiences. They only show that they also make clothes in larger sizes, but they never show it on a specific body type. Women find it hard to get clothes that fit.

Although many brands get it wrong, some brands are doing the right thing. One such brand is Fashion Nova. Let’s take a look at how Fashion Nova started creating clothes for a broad range of women and how they are still thriving in that market today.

Fashion Nova Creates Great Outfits for Diverse Customers

Some brands started making clothes for a wider range of audiences recently, but Fashion Nova was one of the first brands to start and get it right.

Fashion Nova founder and CEO, Richard Saghian, spent seven years running a store in Los Angeles and was able to understand what customers wanted from the brand. By personally interacting with his customers, he learned of their challenges with the fashion industry.

In 2016, Fashion Nova launched the Curve Collection, targeted towards women who are different sizes and shapes.

By launching at that time, Fashion Nova was able to tap into a widely untapped market. 67 percent of the American population do not fall under the “slim model-figure category.”  When these people heard of Fashion Nova, they went shopping on the platform.

Fashion Nova was the first-ever fast-fashion brand to start making clothes for everyone.

How Fashion Nova Keeps Customers Coming Back

They Understand Body Structure

We already mentioned above that one of the major problems of fashion brands that try to make clothes for curvy women is that they just increase the size of the clothes without paying attention to the body shape. When women put on these clothes, they don’t fit correctly. Diverse sizes often struggle to find clothes that work for them.

So many influencers choose Fashion Nova because they couldn’t find any other fast-fashion brand that makes clothes for their sizes and shapes.

Fashion Nova considers the customers’ body shapes too. They make clothes that women are proud to wear. These clothes fit well on their bodies and they can now flaunt their style and feel better about themselves.


Fashion Nova pulls in lots of new customers because all the products on the site are affordable. Customers can find fashion items on the site lower than $20.

As a result, a large percentage of middle-class customers and Gen Z shoppers patronize Fashion Nova.

Fashion Nova keeps making attempts to bring as many people as possible to the brand by making clothes that they feel confident and comfortable in.

For instance, in 2020, Fashion Nova partnered with rapper Megan Thee Stallion to release a collection of jeans and other clothes for tall women. Megan always complained about how difficult it was to find jeans that fit. “It’s a real gamble with the length,” she said on Instagram. When she announced the partnership, many other tall women shared their problems with regular jeans and were excited to get the new Fashion Nova collection pieces.

When the collection was released in November 2020, sales raked $1.2 million in the first 24 hours.

As time goes on, Fashion Nova will devise new strategies to bring more people to the brand regardless of body shape or size.