With the whole world is struggling against Covid 19 pandemic, increasing the capacity of our lungs has become essential for individuals. For this, one has to keep his/her lungs healthy to evade any type of viral infection, along with following social distancing strictly. Here comes the role of Yoga to increase lungs capacity.

lungs capacity

increase lungs capacity

Types of Yoga Poses or Asanas to Benefit Lungs

Sukhasana i.e. Cross-legged Sitting Position

Yoga gurus refer Sukhasana to as a Cross-legged Sitting Position. This type of asana is pivotal to deal with lung anomalies. The asana stimulates the flow of blood in the lungs and washes out various harmful toxins present in the lung’s muscles. Simultaneously, the asana treats a wide range of respiratory disorders, including cough and cold symptoms.

Bhujangasana i.e. Cobra Pose 

Bhujangasana also falls under the category of yoga poses to improve lungs capacity. The pose strengthens one’s mind and improves mental calmness. It even stretches out the lungs and chest. Other contributions of the yoga technique are its role to soothe sciatica strengthens the spinal cord and gives relief from any asthmatic symptom.

lungs capacity

Yoga to increase lungs capacity

Matsya Asana i.e. Fish Pose

Yoga gurus tout Matsya Asana as the destroyer of every disease. The reason is that the asana promotes deep breathing by strengthening and stretching the lungs’ muscles. The fish pose gives support to the physical balance in our body. Besides, the yoga technique allows improved circulation and proper distribution of the blood in different parts of the body.

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Padma Sarvangasana i.e. Lotus Shoulder Stand Pose

Padma Sarvangasana i.e. Lotus Shoulder Stand is also known as the inverted lotus yoga poses. It allows the expansion of one’s chest and facilitates easy passage of the air towards the lungs. When you twist your upper area of the body the yoga pose acts as a massage for your internal organs. This further leads to improved expulsion of toxins from your body. Padma Sarvangasana pose improves physical balance and strengthens both nervous and reproductive systems.

Ardha Matsyendrasana i.e. Sitting Half Spinal Twist

Ardha Matsyendrasana yoga poses benefits by providing relief from all sorts of breathing difficulties, tension, and stress. Here, you have to twist your upper body to induce deep breathing and boost the lungs’ muscles. The asana helps in improved oxygen circulation within the cavity of the lungs. Sitting Half Spinal Twist type of yoga pose boosts the immune system and relieves vertebrae stiffness and back pain.

improve lungs capacity

improve lungs capacity

Takeaway-Yoga to Increase the Lungs’ Capacity

Excess phlegm particles present in the respiratory tract and lungs may make the human body a breeding platform for almost every type of pathogen. Luckily, with yoga poses or asanas, your body breaks down the lungs’ mucous and expels it out from the body.

Other than this, Yoga poses involving clavicular, thoracic, and abdominal breathing helps you to achieve control of your breath effectively. These asanas even rectify the breathing habits to boost your oxygen intake. Whether you sit, stand, lie, or anything else associated with your yoga poses; you will expect to increase your lungs capacity and oxygenation.

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Therefore, if you practice Yoga regularly, you will refine your breath by lengthening its inhale and exhale process while improving your lungs muscles. Finally, with Yoga, you will treat varieties of respiratory disorders, such as asthma, sinus, cough and cold, and many more.