Spending time on the yoga mat with your partner not only improves your physical and mental well-being, but it strengthens your relationship as well. Yoga relies on a system of poses and stretches to achieve balance between the body and mind. If you and your partner are like-minded people, then you can benefit tremendously from practicing partner yoga.

Partner yoga is another channel of communication between you and your loved one. During an intense yoga session, your bodies become one, working in harmony to achieve a goal. Practicing with your partner develops a sense of intimacy and trust between you that builds your relationship.

Here are a series of 5 partner yoga poses you and your partner can practice to build your body, mind, and spirit. Hold each pose for 2 minutes and make sure you concentrate on your breathing, as well as your partner’s response to the session.

  1. Center Yourselves

Begin your routine with the centered pose to calm and focus your minds on the session ahead. Start by sitting face-to-face with your legs crossed and your hands on each other’s knees.

If you experience any lower back discomfort, consider sitting on a pillow to reduce the strain. Once you are comfortable, lock eyes with your partner and take 20 deep breaths, trying to synchronize your breathing with one another.

  1. Back to Back Folding

This stretch formation releases tension from the spine and chest. The movement is taxing on the hamstrings and lower back, so make sure you are feeling warmed up and ease into the movements rather than try for a full extension on the first movement.

The backbend portion of the movement stretches the spine and lower back while the forward folding motion opens the hamstrings. Start seated back to back. One partner extends their legs and leans forward while the other leans backward into the movement. If you have tight hamstrings, roll up a towel and place it under your knees for support.

  1. Dual Spinal Twist

Start in the centered position with your legs crossed and your hands on each other’s knees. Cross your arms and clasp your partner’s hands. Twist from the base of your spine, not the upper or middle back as this may cause injury. As you relax into the twist, your partner intensifies the stretch by pulling on your hands in the opposite direction.

Always make sure your partner is not in any pain and release the tension gently at the end of each movement to avoid injury.

  1. Back to Back Chair Position

Start this pose by relaxing with your arms against your sides and your backs to one another. Walk your feet out to hip-width apart and make sure you keep your balance while doing so. Begin to lower don into a seated position, pushing against each other to maintain your balance.

Hold for three to five seconds at the bottom of the movement before gently rising back to the start position.

  1. Partner Shoulder Stretch

Standing back to back, flare your arms out into a crucifix position with your feet slightly apart. Inter lock your hands together and keep as much surface area of your arm as possible in contact with each other. One partner will gently pull on the others palms creating a stretch to the shoulders and chest.

Always remember to relieve the tension slowly as your return to the starting position, and keep an ear out for any feedback from your partner that says they may be experiencing pain.

A Final Word

Always ensure that you have a watchful eye on each other. Stop the pose if you or your partner experience any pain. Working on these poses every day will bring balance to your lives and draw you closer together.

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