For food lovers, picking restaurants is among the key features of their experiences when they travel. Every meal counts and finding places to have breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks is a priority. Travelling food lovers have various expectations that include unforgettable meals that will keep their taste buds buzzing.

First Impression

  • The first encounter that a customer has with a particular restaurant while travelling will have a major impact on the dining experience and how they feel about the place.
  • When you walk into an unfamiliar place, you should ideally be greeted by a member of staff rather than standing around being unsure about where to sit. Feeling confused and lost is not a good way to embark on a foreign dining experience.
  • There should be someone who is available to greet guests with a welcoming smile and warm approach.


While you travel there will be numerous dining establishments that you can choose from. This means that you will probably be looking for something unique that stands out from the abundance of options. Factors such as location, popularity, ambiance, dishes and decor will influence your choices.

Whether you seek a family-oriented restaurant that serves large portions and traditional meals at prices that you can afford or a modern hangout that fuses food from different cultures, the atmosphere should be appropriate. All the details that range from location to dishes create the overall setting and tone of the best restaurants in London near London Bridge.



Everyone wants to feel appreciated and customers are inspired to return or recommend place when their names or favorite drinks and dishes are remembered when they come back. A good restaurant is flexible with its dietary restrictions and can accommodate different preferences. Treats such as free appetizers and desserts are bound to make any customer feel special and valued.

Social Media Influence

Digital platforms continue to expand and restaurants need to actively participate to maintain their relevance and competitive edge. Well-known social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are popular resources for travellers who want to find restaurants at their current locations. They serve as hubs for food lovers around the world and provide effective ways to showcase delectable dishes. Trending and relevant hashtags let people know what they can look forward to.

Customer Service

  • Staff should be respectful and courteous when they approach you. A friendly attitude ad smile goes a long way towards making travelers feel at ease.
  • Even in a restaurant that offers quick service, etiquette should be maintained. All diners should be addressed appropriately and dishes should be properly set and cleared away.
  • Waiters should be patient and avoid rushing guests off.
  • Although every traveler expects a pleasant dining experience, disputes may arise regarding aspects such as undercooked meat, cold food or long wait times. Under such circumstances the staff should deal with problems efficiently and quickly.


There are several ways to optimize the travelling food lover’s experience and create memorable encounters. Right from the moment you arrive at the restaurant to when you leave your table; each experience should ideally be positive and unforgettable.