Lingerie is costly – that’s a fact. Whether you are looking at bras, nighties, intimates or panties, lingerie is going to pull quite an amount out of your pockets.

It’s no surprise then that you will want to take good care of any lingerie that you have bought to extend their lifespan as long as possible.

Always read the tags.

The tags on your bras should have care instructions on them. Read the tag – it won’t take more than a minute. It’s filled with instructions for optimal washing methods to care for your bra.

If you have removed it, hand-washing your bra in cold water is your best bet.

Hand-wash your bras.

Hand-washing your bras can significantly extend the lifespan of your lingerie. Spare a few minutes of your day to hand wash your bras with some mild soap and warm water.

If there are any stains on your bra, dab at the spot with the mild soap and water, then give the area a gentle rub. Let it soak for a few minutes before you work the suds into your bra’s fabrics, and get rid of any excess water on your bra by folding it against a towel.

Use lingerie bags in the washing machine.

If you really need to wash your bras in the washing machine, be sure to hook your bras closed and place them in a mesh lingerie bag before you put them in the washing machine.

This way, your bras are protected from harm while tumbling in the washer. Your lingerie also won’t be twisted, stretched or tangled up with other garments.

Use a detergent designed for delicates.

Not all detergents are the same! Some detergents are too harsh for the fabrics of your bra, so be sure to invest in a lingerie wash or detergents well-suited for delicates.

These specific detergents can help your delicates to have a longer lifespan. You will only need about a capful each wash, so a bottle of this detergent could last you quite a while.

If you don’t intend to purchase these specialized detergents, consider making a DIY version simply by using a cup of hot water, a drop of essential oil and one teaspoon of baby shampoo.

Never tumble dry.

When you tumble dry your lingerie, you could be shrinking or damaging it. Tumble drying your lingerie can also cause it to stretch and your bras to lose their elasticity.

It’s better to lay the garments out flat on a drying rack when you want to dry them so that the bands and straps will not be stretched.

However, remember not to lay them flat on a solid surface. Air won’t be able to circulate, and your bras won’t dry well.

Store flat.

Don’t fold your lingerie! A soft bra can be rolled, but if you have any padded or underwire bras, you should lay them flat and avoid any creasing or crushing as the cups can maintain their shape for long-term comfortable wearing.

You can layer one bra behind the other inside a drawer for optimal storage.