A lot of women believe that self-confidence is something that you’re born with.  However, in many cases, confidence is something which is learned.  Not everyone comes into this world with their shoulders rolled back ready to take on anything.  Life can often be a series of trials and tribulations which eventually lead to self-love.

If you’re someone who’s always wanted to exude confidence and feel powerful from the inside out, then here are some of the best ways to boost your self-esteem.

Practice Self-Love

Continually looking for love on the outside rather than love on the inside is a common mistake amongst many people.  By looking for approval and encouragement from others, you give up all power.Loving yourself is key when it comes to feeling good.  When you rely on your own approval rather than others, you will always be in a position of power.

Self-love can come in many forms. In many cases, it’s all about caring for yourself.  Whether it’s getting your nails painted, or taking a long bath, it’s all about giving yourself whatever you need to feel good.Try to take time every day to find a balance between giving to others and also taking time to give back to yourself.  If you only give outwardly without giving back to yourself, you’ll eventually run yourself ragged.

Smile More

Many people think that beauty means you’re conventionally pretty. However, in reality, beauty is kindness, purity, and love.  What better way  to exude all of these great forces of nature than to smile?By smiling more, you’re not only taking on an upbeat attitude, but you’re encouraging the rest of the world to feel happy with you.  As a result, people will be drawn to you, and you’ll feel positivity all around.

Surround Yourself With People Who Encourage You

Although no one has the power to determine your self-worth, they can certainly test your limits.  Regularly exposing yourself to people who don’t believe in you and put you down will start to take its toll on your confidence.