As the mornings get chillier and the days gradually grow shorter, it’s time to start transitioning our wardrobes from summer to autumn. Although most of us can’t give our closets a complete overhaul, style-savvy gals love reimagining their warm-weather looks to wear in cooler temperatures by using layering pieces and throwing in some trends, to boot.

Just remember: fads come and go, but classic, quality pieces never go out of style. Consider investing in a few versatile staples that encompass this year’s trends while remaining timelessly chic. For instance, pieces of gorgeous jewelry can be worn year after year, dressed up or dressed down, and on multiple days of the week. (And if gems are your thing, consider signing up for one of the luxe subscription jewelers boxes that send members periodic packages full of hand-picked pieces that are modern but also heirloom-worthy.)

If you’re in need of inspiration, check out these 10 fall wardrobe essentials for 2018 that are fashionable and practical for this season, and in some cases, for many more to come.

  1. Chunky Chains


Chanel Woven Gold Choker Necklace // Opulent Jewelers

Chunky chain-link bracelets, necklaces, and rings can add a bit of tough-girl edge to any outfit! From your most feminine dresses to your leather jacket and tees, pieces like this Chanel Woven Gold Choker lend some ‘tude while still looking impeccably polished.

  1. Western-Inspired Boots

Leather boots are a shoe staple when there’s a chill in the air, and this year, Western-style clothing rocked the runway. Combine one of your favorite fall shoes with some cowgirl flair, and you’ll be stylin’ until snowfall.

  1. Bright Scarves

Stylish scarves are the perfect transitional pieces from summer to fall because they serve dual purposes: they help keep you warm while giving your basics a fresh new look. Busy prints and mixing motifs are “in” this season, so fashion-forward gals can really have fun when it comes to playing with patterns!

  1. Bright Gemstone Baubles

Fine jewelry is always in style, but this fall, colored gemstones are taking a moment to shine. Gorgeous statement jewels like these Cartier earrings with dangling emeralds are not only stylish for the season, they’re absolutely timeless.

Cartier Panthere Onyx Emerald Diamond Gold Earrings // Opulent Jewelers


  1. An Eye-Catching Coat

If you’re going to need a coat for the cold, it might as well be a fun one! Keep your black trench in the closet this year, because statement-making jackets are all the rage, whether they’re furry, patterned, shiny, or a vivid hue.

  1. Pops of Animal Prints

They’re baaack! Animal prints returned to the runways, and you can rock this trend, whatever your budget. From leopard booties to snakeskin-style purses, pick bold pieces that show off your wild side. If you’re really want to be on-trend, try mixing these with other patterns.

  1. A Modern Bag

There will always be a need for your buttery leather carryall, but the new must-have bags come in unexpected shapes and sizes. Fall fads include geometric, oversized, and bucket- and box-shaped purses. Then, there’s the belt bag, which is basically a fanny pack … but cool. (“Look Ma, no hands!”)

  1. Modern Pieces with Pearls

It’s always fun to see a classic with a modern twist, and this year’s pearls aren’t the strands your mother used to wear. This season, the opalescent gem is given a makeover as the focal point in unexpected accessory pieces. Check out this Cartier cocktail ring, which gives vintage vibes a refined update by setting a black pearl in a sleek design.

Cartier Pearl White Gold Ring // Opulent Jewelers


  1. A Modernized Suit


Think head-to-toe suits are out? Think again! Only, this year’s suit fashions give the old-school office wear a reboot. Mix patterns with coats and slacks, layer blazers over neon shirts and sweaters, or make the whole suit oversized for a true “it girl” look. While you can certainly sport this outfit at the office, these looks can go casual, too!

  1. Casual Sneakers

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort to be fashionable. Casual sneakers — particularly, chunky-soled “Dad sneakers” — are suddenly in style. Wear them with jeans, dresses, or skirts, and give your heels (and your soles) a well-deserved rest.