Anxious about finding enough prom dress styles if you’re flat-chested? Try some of these styles to enhance your bust line.

Worried about the size of your breasts? What teenage girl isn’t? Panicking because you’ve got to start shopping for prom dresses and you don’t know what will work with your 34 A bra? Don’t stress too much because there are plenty of dress styles that flatter smaller bust lines. You can either get a dress that makes them look bigger or pick one that flatters your bust as is.

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Image by xiaoxiao11 via Flickr

Dress Styles for Smaller Bust lines

When beginning your prom dress search at, consider which styles will flatter your body type best. Do you want to make your bust line appear larger with a strapless gown or would you prefer to show off your current bust in a plunging V-neck gown? The possibilities are endless.

Strapless Prom Dresses

Strapless dresses, both the traditional and the sweetheart neckline, are perfect for smaller-busted females.  The sweetheart neckline may define your bust line better only because of its heart shape cut. Often the dress provides enough support that you don’t have to stress about wearing a pushup bra. In addition, if you work out and have toned arms and shoulders, it allows the attention to be on your shoulders more.  A bodice with ruching or ruffles adds texture making your bust line look fuller.

Empire Waist Dress

These type of gowns work because they’re made to flow away from the body just under your bust. More importantly, they feature a trademark waist band which is often a pretty beaded band or a gold band. Since the band is so beautiful, everyone’s attention goes to that area first, which helps in itself. Aside from drawing attention to the right areas, the band serves a purpose of making your bust line look fuller if you cinch it tighter; the pleating in the skirt also adds definition to your shape.

V-Neck Prom Dresses

Halter neckline gowns were made for small-busted girls. You don’t have to worry about them popping out and revealing too much. Consider looking at selections found at online shops and go for colors like a sexy red, royal blue or elegant black.

Other Fashion Tips for Small Busted Girls

  • Choose a gown with ruching, beading, or embellishments near the bodice as it will make your bust line appear larger.
  • Add a belt if necessary or choose a dress that cinches at the waist because it adds more definition to your figure.
  • Select a high-quality fabric that will drape over your figure and give you more curves, such as satin or jersey.
  • Consider wearing a push-up bra, though some dresses may already come with a built-in bra. Alternatively, you may opt for stick-on bra cups or other bra alternatives as they work much better with smaller breasts. Avoid dresses with boning as they’re uncomfortable and won’t do anything for you.

We all understand how frustrating it is to go dress shopping when you have small breasts. But even well-known celebrities like Keira Knightley are able to pull off stunning formal wear. If she can find something gorgeous, so can you.