For a short journey, one need not panic as to what all accessories to carry. Accessories are complementary to women’s dresses and gives a complete look. It is a way to refine personality.

They are indeed an important part of fashion apparels. It enhances the appearance. As a whole they can range from gloves, colorful scarves, headbands , bags, belts, keychains, sunglasses, etc. these are not centric to a younger class of women, but also to old women who are no less when it comes to showing off accessories. Things are changing over time.

There is a wide range of women’s accessories. It Comes in a variety of designs and colors. There is no end to it. It can be purchased from malls or even online.

Here are some of the important accessories to spice up the outfits:

  1. Footwear:

Boots and shoes are the most practical one. But depending on the occasion that footwear should be chosen which should go well with the dress.  Any footwear of dark colour can go with everyone. It should be preferred to go for one which is darker than the bottom part of the dress being worn.

They complete the look and hence care must be taken while choosing what kind of footwear to adorn.

  1. Belts

Belts are easy to carry and are light in weight. It varies in terms of size , width and colour.

Go for the one which suits the dress. Wide belts should be preferred by those who are tall , it will go well with their height.

  1. Handbags:

Handbags are classic and always remain in fashion. It Can be in the form of clutch, pocketbook shaped , pouch , tote ,slingbag, crescent shaped bag , satchel etc. Ranging  from classic, constructed types to soft shapes , the  colour should go well with the footwear if possible.

  1. Scarves :

Scarves will serve a dual purpose. Firstly, it will provide the warmth (if worn on the head or around the neck) and secondly it can be a style statement. Going for the  colour contrast with the dress can be brought to notice. There are various ways to adorn this. It can be worn on the head or neck or waist or hanging from the handbag.

  1. Jewellery :

Embellish yourself with classy pieces of jewellery. It includes bracelets, neckpiece, rings, chains, pearl necklaces, earrings. It gives glamorous look. It shouldn’t be overdone. For those with a long face wanting to appear bit wide can go with the earrings. It will give a different look to them. For slender neck , round beads necklace would be apt.

  1. Watches:

They never go out of fashion and yet remain an important accessory all time. It is the ultimate accessory, just perfect clothes aren’t enough. It adds to the personality. Bold and colourful watches accentuate the look. It shouldn’t be missed

  1. Headwear:

Hats are enjoying a comeback as an accessory. Besides providing protection, it can be used as a fashion statement. Well Headwear encompasses the following types: caps, fillets, hair covers, berets, knit ski caps etc. it will complete the outfit.

So carrying these necessary accessories can make your overnight journey enjoyable by adding a tinge of fashion sense to your looks..Accessories can change the looks  just like the way outfits change the looks.