Are you expecting? Congratulations, you’re in for a world of excitement and unconditional love! However, don’t be one of those moms who give up on fashion as soon as they confirm their pregnancies. Just because you’re a mom-to-be it doesn’t mean you can’t be trendy and look fashionable! You can still be modern and sexy while pregnant with your favorite trends and some tiny tweaks to adapt them to your new body. Confused? Here are a few ideas to help you dress your baby bump.

Pencil skirts—sure!

Love skirts? Don’t give up on them. Many women look absolutely amazing in tight midi-length pencil skirts since it shows off their cute baby bump. If you love to sport your belly and are comfortable in skirts in general, go for it! Finish the look with an elegant blazer and you’ll look ready for any event from your business meetings to dinners with friends and light walks downtown.

Casual button-ups—aha!

Do you prefer to look casual yet chic? Grab an oversized button-up shirt from the men’s department or steal one from your partner. Lift your style up a notch by rolling up the sleeves and let the material flow over your bump. As your belly grows, you can leave a few bottom buttons open or wear your shirt completely open paired with a nice shirt.

Stripes—yes, please!

If you’re very proud of your growing baby bump, go with stripes! Horizontal stripes will always make your tummy visible and show it off in a stylish way. And don’t be scared to go very tight to create an optical illusion on your body. If you often with something skin-tight, make sure to grab a few practical yet beautiful maternity bras that will offer comfort and support that you need. Some even have removable cups perfect for when you start nursing. Anyway, the right bra will make sure your clothing fits much better.

Sneakers with anything and everything—yes, mama!

What do you think about wearing a dress with some sneakers? Many women cringe when thinking about the combo for the first time, but once they give it a try and actually see how those two pieces look together, they quickly change their mind. The combo looks extremely cool and casual and it’s unbelievably comfortable. If you’re an active future mother and love to look feminine while running errands or strolling the park, don’t hesitate to try this practical and stylish look.

All black—hell, yes!

You don’t have to give up your hardcore aesthetics just because you’re about to be a mom. Actually, being a mother makes you unbelievably cool and badass, so don’t hesitate to keep rocking your punk or goth look. And if you want to conceal those few pounds you’ve gained, black will definitely make you look slimmer. Combine your black pants with a cozy black knitted sweater and a cool leather jacket and you’ll look effortless and chic.

Show some skin—for sure!

If you barely fill your cups, we have some good news for you! Pregnancy will allow you to show off your feminine assets and flaunt some cleavage, so don’t forego this opportunity. Grab a few scoop-neck Ts and sweaters and show off some skin. You’ll feel sexier than ever!

Bold accessories—totally!

It’s often hard to stay polished and classy in the later months of pregnancy. However, you can elevate any outfit with some bold jewelry and add polish to even the most casual looks. Sophisticated and bold accessories will allow you to look put together even in jeans and t-shirt.

Looking stylish will additionally make you feel amazing about your pregnancy. So, don’t give up your love for fashion and dress that baby bump like a true fashionista!