Every one of us across the world celebrates Father’s Day to recognize the valuable contributions of our fathers or father figures to fill lots of happiness and joy in our life. In other words, Father’s day marks the celebration of male parenting and fatherhood.

When to Celebrate Father’s Day

Even though people across the world witness this day on different dates, most of the countries observe Father’s Day on the third Sunday in the month of June. Accordingly, for this 2019, we will observe this day on June 16.

Celebration of Father’s Day in the United States and the United Kingdom

To celebrate the occasion of Father’s Day, most of the people make special efforts to honor their father figures or fathers. A few of them visit their father’s home, while others give flowers, cards and other similar types of gifts. Even a few people also gift clothes, sports-related equipment and luxurious food items. An interesting aspect about Father’s Day celebration is that different families celebrate it in a different way and thereby, follow different traditions.

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Accordingly, the traditions may range from a voice call, video call and greeting card to grand parties for honoring all of the father figures in any extended family. Here, father figures will include fathers, father-in-laws, stepfathers, great grandfathers, grandfathers and various other male relatives.

Father’s Day Celebration in South Africa and Mexico

Mexican people refer Father’s Day as Dia del Padre and there, most of the family members get together for preparing meals and the distribution of gifts to fathers/father figures. On the other side, in South Africa, a large number of cultural and social societies host Father’s Day to mark the significant role played by fathers to nurture their children and create a strong society.

Father’s Day Celebration in India

If we talk about the Father’s Day celebration in India, here you will find an entirely new concept. However, Indians celebrate the occasion in an almost similar manner as you find in the United States of America or in the United Kingdom even though on a relatively small scale. Especially, people living in big towns and metropolitan cities have a relatively higher awareness about the Father’s Day because of their relatively higher exposure to western cultures.

Father’s Day Celebration with Gift Ideas

If you want to celebrate Father’s Day by giving pleasant gifts to your loving father or any of the father figures in your family, you will get plenty of options for this 2019. These include a personalized coffee mug, a pen, a brand-new watch, a wooden spectacle, a personalized calendar, a whiskey cup, wine aviator, solo radio and many more. On the other side, if your dad has interests in electronic items, you may even give Smartphones, i-pod, music systems and similar others.