Just as with mom, there is no one type of father! There is a golf lover, tech lover, and the one who likes to drink a beer with several of the many classes that we cannot list. So, we exercised a lot a come up with the best gift ideas suitable for different kinds of dads for Father’s Day 2020. Several of them are father-worthy, and you will love them instantly while the others are recommendations that you can consider depending on what your dad likes the most.

Best gift ideas for your Dad on Father’s Day 2020

For the dad who loves gazing at stars

The best gift ideas are always unconventional. If your father likes to gaze at stars and loves science, gifting him a pair of binoculars will be the right choice. You do not have to spend thousands of dollars on a telescope with a computerized refractor. Spend a few hundred dollars and surprise your dad with an exquisite piece that excites him and is helpful.

For the dad who spends in the yard

The other exciting gift idea that you can give your dad is the outdoor double cotton hammock. When he finds a retro-styled hammock that is ready for use at his favorite place in the yard, you can bet on the happiness you would see on his face.

For the dad who loves griddles

Gifting an art batter pancake griddle for your father is an excellent way to turn his love for making pancakes into art. It is suitable for any father who loves cooking and has little children.

For the dad who drives a convertible

Presenting a unisex oval-shaped or aviator sunglasses for the Father’s Day will be an excellent idea, as they combine both timeless and versatile, which dads look for a lot while having a sunglass.

For the dad who is all about tech

If you are dad is into more technology and loves having them on hand, then opting for Fitbit is a good move. The activity tracker has everything – right from step counter to calories burned. He will enjoy using the different features and options present in it and keep a log of all the participated activities.

For the clean-freak father

Yes, clean-freak dad’s category does exist and gifting them the right presents will make Father’s Day a special day. Choose the drill brush cleaning kit, which your dad can attach to a power drill, and begin cleaning different surfaces with ease.

For the work-from-home dad

The first thing you would like to consider is the best desk chair to help maintain a good posture to prevent low back pains and injuries. Alternatively, you can look at the balance disc that your dad can place on the seat. The advantage of the disc is that it helps in engaging the core while maintaining the preferred posture.

For the clean-shaven dad – the old-fashioned way

You may have seen your dad swear by the use of safety razor, as it delivers smoother shave with less irritation than the modern shaving options. Choose a leading brand that offers the highest quality product for your dad for Father’s Day as a gift.

For the dad who loves traveling

If your dad is more into traveling, offer him the best gift you can – smart luggage. It features trackability assistance, making it simple to identify in airports. He will no longer miss luggage.

For the dad who loves gardening

Gift your father the right set of gardening tools, if he loves gardening and spends a good time in the backyard.

You will never run out of the best gift ideas for your father. The above are a few examples, but you can explore and come up with unusual ideas of your own.