Valentine’s Day is almost here. You know what that means. It’s time to either find a date or make plans with your current significant other.

Making the plans is half the battle. Now you’ve got to figure out how you want to dress and shave your beard. Clean shaven vs. stubble, which is the better look?

The answer depends on the preferences of your date. If you’re going out with someone that you’ve known for a while it’s not so hard to make that call. If it’s someone new, however, well you can’t just ask them.

To help you make the right face shaving decision for your big date, keep reading to find out all the pros and cons of each of these looks.

1. Benefits of Stubble

Full beards are great and all but they can come across as a little aggressive. This is where stubble comes in. It still shows manliness without displaying hostility. Stubble also hides any blemishes you may have, matches your jawline, and balances out your age.

It Hides Blemishes

If you tend to suffer from acne, acne scars, or skin discoloration of any kind and don’t want your date to notice, a little stubble will help you cover it. Stubble doesn’t stop at only covering up things you don’t want people to see.

Depending on your skin type, the small whiskers will pull oil away from the surface of your skin so you won’t get acne as often. While you can use a full beard to do all of this as well, you risk that coming across like you have something to hide.

Matches Your Jawline

Stubble can bring attention to the positive aspects of your face. It casts a small shadow that will make your face look like it has more depth and create the illusion of a strong jawline.

It Balances Out Your Age

Stubble has a strange magic. If you’re barely a teenager it can make you look like you’re in your twenties. If you’re in your sixties stubble will have people mistaking you for a forty-year-old.

If you’re in that sweet spot between 20 and 30 you’ll look trendy. Note that you shouldn’t lie about your age to your date but looking a little younger or older may help your chances with them.

2. Cons of Stubble

As great as stubble is, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. The biggest con is that many people associate it with being dirty and lazy. These people obviously don’t know that you both want and have willingly chosen the stubble life.

To prove them wrong you’ll have to look at these stubble trimmer reviews and pick the right shaver for you. Stubble isn’t too hard to style and as long as you keep it well trimmed, you should be able to negate any negative flack.

3. Advantages of Clean Shaven

Many men avoid the clean-shaven look due to the fear of the dreaded babyface. This may not always be a bad thing. This look can make an older person look younger, it will cut your time getting ready for the date in half, and some women actually prefer it.

Makes You Look Younger

When you shave you’re scrapping a sharp blade across your face. This takes away your facial hair and your dead skin cells right along with it. This exfoliating process will make your face feel much softer and it will keep your skin looking younger long into your adult years.

You may have to deal with annoying razor burn but if you invest in the right shaver and aftershave products you should be fine.

You Won’t Have to Take as Long Getting Ready

There’s an old joke that women take forever getting ready for a date. You could be the butt of this joke if you’ve got a full beard or even stubble. It takes time to trim and style it properly.

If you don’t take the time to get it done right you could cut yourself or worse, end up with a gross, patchy beard. If you’re going with the clean look all you’ve got to do is take about ten extra minutes to shave it and then head out the door.

Some Women Prefer It

There are some women who prefer the clean-shaven look. It makes your face softer so they won’t get scratched up by a beard when they lean in for an after date kiss.

4. Cons of Clean Shaven

Just like with the stubble, the clean-shaven look has its share of issues. Depending on how often you have to shave you could end up going through a lot of blades which can get costly. You can combat this price with monthly shave subscription boxes though.

There are some women who think that the clean look isn’t mature enough. While you will run into dates who prefer a smooth face, stubble is a bit more popular with the ladies.

You also run the risk of razor burns and cuts which can ruin your day no matter how you slice it.

Clean Shaven vs. Stubble: Which Will Your Date Like More?

Whether your date likes a clean face or stubble is up to preference. It can be hard to judge which one they’ll like more. Use this guide to judge all the pros and cons of clean shaven vs. stubble to decide which one will make the best impression this Valentine’s Day.

Rocking the right beard isn’t the only way to ensure that there will be a date number two. Check out our blog daily for all the latest relationship advice.