Those days are gone when formal was the only option for working professionals. Women always had huge variations while selecting work but men had very limited options to choose from. Now, the good news is these days there has been a huge change in the office wear trend for men. Formal shirts are now available in different materials like silk, cotton, linens and so on. There are many popular brands offering a wide range of men’s smart casuals, also known as business casuals.

Usually, all workplaces have compulsory formalwear from Monday to Thursday. Formal workwear means full sleeves shirts with collars, tie, straight length trouser, and formal shoes. Fridays are fun days when men can drop their formal attire and enjoy the comfort of casual wear.

What not to wear in the office

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When it comes to the selection of workwear whether formal or casual it is very important that the outfit should matchup with the decorum of the workplace. As discussed above with time the office wear trend for men’s clothing has changed. This means that formal workwear is not limited to the same light color plain shirt, straight trouser, tie and formal leather shoes, instead; many renowned brands have come up with some interesting variations in men’s formal office wear. While selecting formal wear, it is very important that the outfit should not be too loud in terms of colour or design, the trouser should not have too many pockets like cargo pants. When it comes on casual wear for weekends in the office, it is important to know that the outfit should not be very casual like three fourth or shorts, sleeveless shirts are a big no for office and should not be too revealing. Also, wearing earrings and cloths revealing body piercing is not a good idea for office wears.

What to wear in office

On average an individual spends a huge share of their daily time in office, so along with the look, colour and design, it is very important to consider the comfort element also. It has been observed that people often ignore the comfort element in office wear but is the biggest mistake they make. Comfortable office outfits help in keeping an individual relaxed both physically and mentally, this ensure better focus and attention.

Considering the point in mind it is always advised that the first thing one should consider is the material of the outfit. Further based on the material the different designs are implemented for making a perfect office wear.


Let’s discuss some of the tips that will help in making the right selection of office outfits, which will look trendy and will be comfortable at the same time.

  • While selecting the colour of office wear, it is not necessary that one must stick to only the regular light shades but at the same time the colours should not be too loud.
  • Light of the outfit is another important consideration. Like shirts should not be sleeveless and pants should not go above the keens.
  • Outfits should completely cover the body piercing if any on the body.
  • Loud jewellery is also a big no for both formal or casual office work days.