Dressing comfortable and still looking presentable on a lazy Sunday is easier than you think! It is possible for beauty and comfort to coexist, no matter your size, shape, or personality type. Loose comfy clothes are actually trendy and have come a long way in recent years. Whether you are hanging out with friends or spending the day on the sofa, here are a few lazy day outfits and fashion tricks to help you look good with minimal effort.

Messy buns and headbands

Messy buns always look super stylish on lazy days, especially when dealing with bed head. Adding a cute headband or even a hat is a great option too, and always makes an outfit look more dolled up. Cover up your bedhead with cute hair accessories because who has the time to shower and style hair on Sundays! These small articles of clothing make a big difference!

Lightweight comfy shoes

You don’t need stilettos to look chic. Flats, sneakers, and low chunky heels work just fine on those lazy days, especially when you pair them with leggings or even your favorite sundress. Shoes that are lightweight and easy to slip on also keep your feet happy without compromising style. Sandals are great for the summer time. No need to search for socks and they are easy to put on and a breeze to slip off.

Bright, pastel, or graphic tees

T-shirts are extremely comfortable and easy to throw on. Bright shirts will draw attention to whoever is wearing them, and pastels are perfect for spring and summer. Graphic tees look great anytime, especially with a pair of flair or boot-cut jeans and comfy shoes. You can look put together but still remain comfortable by incorporating a fun tee. This is a very popular style and easy to pull off!

A dash of mascara and chap-stick

A few dashes of mascara always looks beautiful and makes eyes pop! Wearing tinted chap-stick is another effortless beauty trick that looks nice and feminine on lazy days, without looking overdone. Tinted Chapstick can also double as a cream blush. Pat some on the apple of your cheeks to give yourself a rosy healthy glow.

Lightweight jewelry

A one-charm necklace, a ring, or even a pair of studded earrings make any outfit look more glamorous and put together on a lazy Sunday. Simple jewelry gives outfits more elegance and pizzazz and makes it appear that more effort was put into an outfit that might otherwise look too casual. An everyday necklace that you never take off should be stable in all girls closets.

Joggers instead of sweatpants

Joggers are the new sweatpants, and one of the hottest trends today! Unlike sweatpants, they allow your legs to breathe. Joggers have elastic at the feet and fall just above the ankle. They are comfortable and stylish, and you can actually look really good wearing them out in public. Joggers come in many varieties, and choosing the best style has never been easier. Even if you do not plan to go to the gym an athletic look can help you achieve an easy put together look.

We all need a lazy Sunday sometimes. These tips and fashion tricks are sure to keep beauty, comfort, and style present in every outfit!