We all have that little black dress in the back of the closet that no longer fits. Perhaps, we are rounder in the middle after having had kids or maybe we’ve gained a bit of weight on our thighs. No matter where we’ve gained weight or for what reason, we have to buckle down and lose it. We all know that eating a balanced diet and doing exercises are the best ways to lose weight and get into shape. But how do we go about it? Which foods are best eaten when? What are their benefits? Are some foods better than others? Does eating them at certain time really make a difference? YES!! Read more below in our guide to keep you in top form!


Bananas are a rich source of vitamin B6 and contain moderate amounts of vitamin C, manganese and dietary fiber. Are best eaten at lunchtime when they will strengthen your immune system, and improve your skin. However, if you eat them at dinner time, they may cause mucus formation and disrupt your digestion.


Ranging from sweet to very tart apples are bountiful in many parts of the world with red, yellow, green varieties. If you eat them at breakfast, the Pectin in apples will diminish your sugar and cholesterol  levels but if you eat them at dinner: At night, the Pectin is difficult to digest and can increases stomach acid.


Potatoes come in many varieties, in fact there are 200 types sold throughout the United States, such as King Edward, Laura, Russet, Parel, Duke of York and Melody, just to name a few and they come in many colors like red, purple, yellow and white. They are versatile to cook with, you can bake them, boil them, roast them, fry them, mash them etc. These starchy wonders which are rich in minerals will reduce your cholesterol if you eat them first thing in the morning. Just don’t eat them raw and not at at dinner because the high elevated calorie count may increase your weight if you eat them at night since there is less time to fully digest and burn them off.


In the morning, it is best drunk before a strenuous physical activity, otherwise milk may be hard to digest and cause phlegm and mucus. This is not an ideal situation, especially if you suffer from allergies or IBS. However, at night is a different story. Warm milk relaxes the body and may aid in a good night’s sleep. We all could do with more of that! So, your grandmother’s advice for drinking a milky nightcap was not far off.


There are many to choose from. You’ll be sure to find one that suits your palate and your figure. When eaten at lunchtime, they reduce the risk of high arterial pressure. However, if eaten at night, they may increase your waistline. So, stay away from them as the sun sets!


Yes, you can have chocolate when you’re trying to lose weight. It’s a perfect little treat and a bit of indulgence. Believe it or not, if you eat a small square of chocolate at breakfast, it will provide antioxidants that reduce aging and lower the risk of cardiac disease. Just don’t chomp on it like a snack all day long. If you do, you will increases your body fat.


When all else fails and you don’t manage to include all these wonderful fruits, vegetables and great foods, supplements are the way to go. For our review of the best supplements around check our: Research Verified reviews.

Remember what Thomas A. Edison once said: “The future doctor will not treat the human body with medications, he will cure and prevent diseases with nutrition.” Supplements are the perfect way to aid in your nutritional quest to improve your health, lose weight and maintain your figure.

Final Thought

So, take out that little black dress, dust it off and get ready to try it on!

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