Marriages are made in heaven, however, there implementation is expected on earth. How would that even happen, the atmosphere, vibes, people’s mind set and the so called society is all way worse on earth. So formerly marriages lasted for life time because people did not know that being unmarried is a lot happier.

With time people change and so does the society. Ages back there were fewer means of entertainment, thus people’s main area of entertainment was talking and gossiping. Who knew back then that this habit of little chit chat could cost so much for coming generations.

The idea of marriage and kids is more admired by society than individuals. Currently more and more English men and women prefer having their freedom and consider cohabitation a better option.

Why Our Youngsters Prefer Live in Relationships to Marriage?

Institution of marriage as old and reliable it is but it comes with a probability of divorce. A study reveals that the fear of failed marriages scares maximum people from stepping into it. Most of the times people look at their loved ones going through a tough time and based on their experience they start fearing marriages. Often these people with failed marriages are their parents.

On the other hand there is an option of cohabiting sans the responsibility and fear of divorce. Why would one choose to get married?

Another reason that de-motivates youngsters from tying knot is the celebrity marriages. Most of our celebrities do not remain married to one person their entire life. Since they are the idols of many youngsters, their relationship status tends to lower the morale of many.

Live in relationships are like canvas bags which can be used multiple times and marriages are like paper bags which once torn are useless.

Many of our youngsters are also scared of going through the emotional turmoil and thus keep distance from commitment for lifetime.

Another strong reason is economic condition goes for a toss when marriage fails. There is an unexpected burden of alumni, division of property and other valuable assets.

The process of separation is again complicated. When two people are cohabiting together and they decide to end the union, all they go through is a heavy heart good bye. However, the process of ending marriage would involve lawyers, attorneys and lots of paper work. Apart from the legal setbacks, the process of separation is ugly.

Many a times couples fight over small articles of home which both sides want to put in their paper carrier bags.

Cohabiting also sometimes is taken as a test for evaluating that whether or not the couple is compatible with each other.

 Beliefs and Misconceptions about Failed Marriages That Needs an Update

It is often told to youngsters that marriage needs compromises and adjustments. It is ok to be unhappy and adjust than just wrap your belongings in some large carrier bags and file a divorce. People today prioritise happiness over adjustment and compromise. They have their opinions and believe in them more than that of societies’. There is no right or wrong, both ways correct and individuals should be given more space and freedom to live life their way.

Other belief that needs revision is that divorce is not a taboo. It is ok to opt for separation when couple is not happy and comfortable with each other. They must have already gone through lot of turmoil and stress in their relationship that they are opting out, so we as society need to let them be. Give no judgements, advices and lectures.

So be it happily married or unmarried let the choice be available.