Men are not used to wearing jewelry as it is to women. Therefore, when selecting jewelry for a man, there are obvious things that should be put into consideration. First, you must ensure that the type of jewelry you choose to wear corresponds with your career. It is prudent to wear something that does not flash distracting the people you are engaging. Here are the top 5 wedding jewelry for men to choose from;

Tungsten ring

If you are looking for a ring that is made of strong and durable metal, American Tungsten ring is the best choice. This metal will never bend or scratch and therefore, it will be suitable for any male. If your work involves excessive use of your hands, then with this piece at hand you will still maintain the comfort of working and enjoy the pleasure of jewelry. Tungsten rings are four times harder than titanium and ten times than 18k gold. Tungsten is somewhat denser than all metals, and this makes it more durable.

Gold ring

It’s true to say that Gold has continually been gaining popularity when it comes to wedding jewelry. Some of the reasons that gold has been and still will be the most common metal for wedding rings is its value. Pure gold always maintains its value for a lifetime. Never will the value of gold depreciate even after years of wearing. Therefore, gold, in other words, symbolizes the value of the wedding union between the couple. Also, gold has a stunning yellow, bright color and offers an attractive shine. Gold is also denser and rust free.

Stainless steel ring

Men don’t have all the time to keep looking into the rings they wear. Therefore, using other metals can be a little time consuming for a man since they all need special care. However, stainless steel rings are not demanding. Although this metal is not common as all the others when it comes to rings, they are the best for men. Stainless steel has fewer effects of stain or smudges, therefore, maintaining the ring is less involving than silver or gold.

Titanium ring

Working on a budget and you still want something fancy and durable? Titanium is the answer.  Because this metal is an abundant metallic element, the production cost is so cheap, hence you can buy a nice titanium wedding ring for less than $100. Apart from being durable, cleaning and maintaining this jewelry metal is easy. Titanium is lightweight and very comfortable to wear every day. Also, it is one of the strongest metals in the jewelry industry.

Platinum ring

Platinum is malleable just like gold. Pure platinum is usually symbolized by the silver-white color that is stunning and attractive. Over the years, platinum has continued to gain popularity as a wedding jewelry for men. This is because of its value, durability and sophisticated design.


When choosing a man’s wedding jewelry, a balance between the price and value should be considered. Therefore rather than looking at the usability of the rings, you should also consider the value of your partner. You can also do some addons to the wedding ring like write a lovely inscription. A very romantic inscription that comes to mind right now is “A Lovely View of Heaven – But I’d Rather Be With You”.

The top 5 wedding jewelry for men list provides options to choose from. Tungsten rings can be unique in a way; they comprehend with almost every metal in the jewelry market. This is because they have an in the design of yellow shine color and an amazing outward white shine. Make the right choice today having in mind the wedding ring is a symbol you will put on long after the wedding day.