Pearls are used in jewelry creation and usually, they are the refined ones. Mollusks, the pearl making process can be hastened by putting in an irritant into it. Then mollusk will surround this irritant with a beautiful pearl. A refined pearl is just same as a natural pearl, whose growth is hastened by technological science. Few people are misunderstood to think that refined pearls are not real, but they aren’t actually. Once you purchase pearl fashion jewelry, you must think about its thickness, shine, smoothness, shape, and color.

Specialists look at the nacre quality and thickness when making quick decisions on the worth of a pearl. As per to specialist jewelers, the nacre thickness verified how long last a pearl, even as the nacre quality directly affects the luster. A good quality one provides a superb shine. Experts of jewelry have no trouble distinguishing a good quality pearl from a lower quality one, but clients must search for the following:


A good quality pearl has color implications. An exceptional one has rose-shaded overtones, different only upon close visual examination. This exceptional piece makes few of the costly pieces of fashion jewelry in the market. The counterpart of cream-colored is more frequent, thus making it less costly. Natural colors are black, white, gold, gray, green, pink, and blue. Makers of duplicate jewelry can color a pearl to make it same as a genuine one.


The shine is vital factor to search once shopping for pearl fashion jewelry. The shine of a quality pearl comes not only from the surface, but even from within area. Different layers inside a pearl offers it an exclusive glow, one which you will not perceive on gold or silver jewelry. If you want to purchase good quality jewelries then PearlsOnly is only destination where you can purchase high quality pearl jewelry.


Not any perfect pearl is made by nature completely. Each one will have blemishes surface that are just noticeable upon close examination. Such imperfections surface can be noticed upon assessment against a dark setting using soft and intense light. Maker of Jewelry may overlook the blemishes as long as high shine is maintained.

Shape and size

A great one is uncommon, thus, more costly. A costly pearl is generally more than 7 millimeters in width. The shape is even critical consideration. The best pearls are those with a round shape; a feature that is rather rare. A completely round one might be one of the costly jewelry available in the market. Alternatively, there is the balanced pearl with a pear or a teardrop shape. These are more frequent than the round shapes and are even more reasonable. But in case you wish the reasonable one, the attractive type that has an unequal shape, can do.

As discussed, most pieces of pearl jewelry today are prepared of refined pearls. The normal one has become very rare nowadays. However, it is very tough to differentiate a refined pearl from the actual one. A specialist can confirm through x-ray assessment whether a pearl is cultured or natural.