The year 2016 has been filled with new developments in the fashions industry. We have seen some wonderful trends in fashion emerging this year from the celebrities and fashions designers. In midst of all these emerging trends, some celebrities also came with some shocking outfits that have taken every fan by surprise. Whether it was Madonna during the MET Gala or Kim Kardashian during the Paris Fashion Week, these celebrities have certainly given everyone something to talk about. If you have missed any of these shocking incidents, here is a quick recall of the things.

1) Madonna with her revealing bums

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Madonna has been known to create controversies with her perky outfits. Last year in 2015, she made a headline during the Grammys and this time she was again in the highlight at the 2016 Met Gala. The 58-year-old superstar was at this popular award show wearing an odd dress that revealed a significant portion of her bums. It was something that caught everybody’s attention including the media and photographers.

2) Lacey and racy

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Kim Kardashian is known for her revealing dresses and she made sure that she qualifies for the list. This year was no different as she chose to reveal her famous curves and sexy legs as much as it could get during the Paris Fashion Week 2016. It was not one but many occasions when she caught everybody’s attention with her clingy mini dresses, high boots and revealing wardrobe.

3) Tove Lo’s with her uterus dress


Tove Lo's

Tove Lo, the popular Swedish singer marked her presence at the ARIA awards in Sydney with a uniquely designed orange dress. Media termed it as the uterus dress because of the design of uterus just above the undies. Also, the orange dress was highly revealing with a clear view of what she was wearing inside. Only Tove Lo knows whether she was trying to make a feminist statement or make herself noticed with this shocking dress.

4) The competition for high split dress


Bella proved everyone wrong at the Cannes Film Festival

Dresses split at sides to reveal some portion of legs started to feature some years ago. The split, however, continues to get deeper revealing a good portion of the thighs. However, just when it was everyone thought the spit could not get deeper, Bella proved everyone wrong at the Cannes Film Festival with her dress that was almost completely split with just a lace connecting the two halves.  It was backed up by completely bare back to complement the design of the dress.

Bella is not alone in this trend as Chrissy Teigen made sure that she gave a tough competition with her extremely high split red wardrobe at the AMA. She surely did not want Bella to collect all the headlines for high split dresses.

5) Bra was just a formality



It surely takes a lot of courage to surprise everyone as it calls for something unexpected. There is a thin line that separates surprise and shock and not sure if Susan Sarandon crossed that at the SAG Awards. She appeared with a dress that most women at the age of 69 would never dare to try. Her white tux had nothing behind to cover her boobs except for the black bra that left most of her cleavage uncovered. Her fans were confused as to whether praise her for her confidence or condemn her for revealing what should have been better covered.

6) Rita with the Ropes


Celebrity Sighting : Day One - Paris Fashion Week -Haute Couture- Spring/Summer 2016

Rita started the year with a bang with her strange outfit that was held together by stylish rope. The dress even lacked any undies and she just relied on the laces of the dress to keep her covered. This orange Versace couture dress was revealed by her in Parish during a fashion show, early this year.