Are you in the market for wedding rings and are considering something different and unique from the traditional metal rings? If so, you should go for silicone rings. Unlike metal rings which are made from metals like gold and silver, silicone rings are non-metallic. One of the best brands for silicone rings on the market today is QALO. However, since these rings aren’t as popular as their metal counterparts, many people don’t know much about them and the benefits that they offer. Here are eight things you didn’t know about QALO silicone wedding rings and why you should choose them.

1.     They are Medical Grade

QALO silicone wedding rings are made from medical grade silicone which is non-porous, hypoallergenic, and non-conductive. So, if you are a doctor, nurse, surgeon, aesthetician, or lab tech, you don’t have to worry about removing your ring when you get to work as is the case with metal rings. Medical grade rings are safe for use by individuals in the medical profession. The rings can easily be sterilized, and they do not come with stones which can cut through gloves when you work.

2.     They are Incredibly Affordable

One of the drawbacks of buying metal wedding rings is that they can be costly. Quality metal that won’t degrade within a few years of use can cost you over $300, sometimes up to $500 or $1000. Not everyone has that kind of money to spend on a ring. With silicone wedding rings, you spend much less and get a quality ring that will last for decades. High-quality QALO silicone rings are available for as little as $50.

3.     They are Lightweight

Metal rings can sometimes be heavy and uncomfortable, especially if they come with lots of stones. When you are tired or unwell, the weight of the ring on your finger can be unbearable. Most people end up removing their rings after a long day, a habit that can lead to loss of the expensive band. Silicone rings are lightweight, and you can even forget that you are wearing one. They are also flexible and won’t feel tight and intrusive on your figure.

4.     They are Tough and Durable

Silicone may look like a flexible material, but this doesn’t mean that it is weak. QALO silicone rings are tough and incredibly durable. They are designed to withstand harsh conditions without getting damaged. They hold up well in extreme temperatures, chemicals and oils, and even under physical pressure. The ring will not lose its luster due to exposure to chemicals as is the case with some metal rings.

5.     They Come in Numerous Designs

Do you fancy unique wedding ring designs? Are you tired of wearing a gold or silver ring? If so, you should opt for silicone. Silicone rings are available in various designs and colors. They can be engraved as is the case with metal rings. You can also add intricate designs to customize your ring. The rings are also available in an array of colors beyond the standard gold, rose gold, white gold, silver, and other common metal ring colors. You can have your ring custom-made in your preferred color and style.

6.     They are Versatile

One challenge that most people face when wearing wedding rings is constantly worrying about the ring as they undertake various activities. When you go swimming, you worry that the ring will slip out and disappear into the pool or ocean. If you work around electricity, you worry that your conductive metal ring will hurt you. As you touch detergents and chemicals, you are afraid that they will erode the ring. With silicone rings, all these worries are nonexistence. Silicone can be used by virtually any individual without losing its luster. It is suitable for both handy and corporate duties.

7.     They are Comfortable

Comfort is a major concern for most people when buying rings. For pregnant mums, wearing a ring can be uncomfortable and painful as it tends to squeeze against the finger. Consider investing in a QALO wedding ring. The material is incredibly comfortable and flexible and does not inflict pain on the finger. Details of QALO ring sizing explained on a chat on their website. According to their guide, if you seem to go between two ring sizes, you should opt for the larger size for an excellent fit.

8.     They Prevent Degloving

Ever had someone who got injured or lost their finger because their ring could break under pressure? This risk is inherent in metal ring wearers. You can end up losing your finger if you are caught in an accident and the ring refuses to budge. However, QALO silicone rings are flexible, and they are designed to break under pressure. This prevents degloving injuries or complete amputation of the finger.

As you can see, there is so much to QALO silicone rings, and they are suitable alternatives to the traditional metal rings. They are not only attractive but also functional, safe to use, and ideal for individuals in different professions.