Anniversaries are always special occasions and they give you the perfect chance to show your significant other how much you love him or her. If you want to show your husband or wife how devoted and in love you are then don’t go for buying just anything because it’s your anniversary. Get them something that will speak volumes of your emotions, something that will remind them of the special bond you share.

Little love notes all over the place

Buy little envelopes and cards, write short love notes for your sweetheart and place them all over your home. Put one in the bathroom, just beside their towel. The second one can be on the kitchen table where you eat breakfast. And you can start the whole thing by placing the first note on their pillow. You can even create a rose petal road to help your darling find the next note. If you want to give a bit more romance to the whole thing, print your photos and write the love notes on their back instead on cards.

Indoor picnic

If you can’t afford to travel somewhere with your love, then turn your home into a special place. Put a blanket on the floor in your living room, place a few soft, colorful cushions all around it and prepare a basket full of your favorite snacks, drinks and sweets. Turn off the lights and light several scented candles. If you want to give your SO more gifts, then place them in his or her hands after you both had a few bites of delicious snacks and cakes and are about to toast to your love.

Connecting gifts

Do you remember all the delicious drinks that were served at your wedding and how your loved one commented how much they loved the way that whiskey, gin or vodka tasted? Of course, you can buy that particular drink as a gift for your anniversary, but why not make it even more special? Take your SO to a whiskey distillery where you can see how your wedding drop was made and sip on a drink that reminds both of you of your special day. It’s guaranteed that your husband or wife will steal a kiss or two while you wait for the bartender to bring your glasses!

Personalized gifts








Every couple has some inside jokes, pet-names, quotes from the movie they both adore, etc., so why not use all that to make a personalized gift? The options are numerous – you can personalize cups, pillows, T-shirts, bags or anything you think your darling would like. Another great personalised gift is a personalised dressing gown, you can personalise it with their name or initial to make it extra special.

This way, they will be reminded of your love every time they sip coffee or tea from their personalized mug or wear a T-shirt with their pet name printed on it!

Spa treatment

Life can be very stressful and that’s why you need to relax on this special day. Schedule a spa treatment for you and your sweetheart. Go together in a sauna, get a massage and later on, go for a swim. Want to spice things up a bit? Turn off the lights in your bedroom, light a few scented candles, get some baby oil and give your partner a relaxing massage. To make this sensual gift even more special, create a playlist with songs that will remind you and your loved one of some of the romantic moments you two shared.


Going away for a romantic weekend is always a good idea, but especially if it’s for your anniversary! Choose a destination that is special for your love or go to a place both of you wanted to visit for a long time. It can be a bit tricky to hide such a plan from your love, but it will all be worth it once you reach your destination!

Always keep in mind that your gifts should mean something to your partner. It may look easier to simply buy a piece of jewelry or a perfume, but thoughtful gifts will mean a lot more to your other half.