From ancient times, jewelry has been the best friend of women. In the mythological period, women used to wear jewelry made of flowers and later on, princesses and queens used gold, silver, and pearls for making jewelry. Jewelry makes women look more beautiful and gracious and enhances her personality by adding a spark to her personality. Whether it’s a big piece of necklace or a small nose pin, all showcase the choice and personality of a woman. Nowadays, many sites are available from where you can do gold jewelry online shopping where gold jewelry designs with price and weight are mentioned.

With the changing trends, designs and styles of jewelry also changed which are given as follow:

The glittery 50’s

In 50s, women were fighting to get their rights and to be independent. That was an era of glittery jewelry pieces of rhinestone jewelry and heavy pieces of gems and stones. Bronze was also in great demand at that time.

Classy 60’s

In the 60th century, heavy and sparkled jewelry was not a choice for women. They liked classier and a designer piece of jewelry rather than those heavy pieces of jewelry. Craftsmanship and handwork came into great existence. Women were not so fond of costly jewelry they want designs to be unique and sleek. New geometrical shaped jewelry and artistic jewelry were of their choice.

Unforgettable 70’s

70’s trend was unforgettable. That time jewelry trends are still in existence. The time of retro and discos were unforgettable. Big pieces of jewelry with large stones and beautiful shades of stones are till now in trend. The flower-shaped jewelry matching to that polka dot dress was extremely beautiful. Women preferred layered jewelry and large dangling earpieces.

Bold 80’s

Jewelry designs in the ’80s were bold and loud. A large piece of a broach, heavy rings, heavy danglers were in great trend. Gold was replaced by gold-coated jewelry and pearls and crystals were in great demand. Big pieces of pearl jewelry were used in necklace, earrings, rings, and broaches.

Trendy 90’s

In ’90s various trends came into existence. The old one was blended with new trends to set up new trends in jewelry. Heavy items were replaced with small items. Pearls were still in existence but in simple and elegant form. Bracelets were in great trend and were worn by both men and women. Small earrings were of great choice and gold was again the choice of people. Hoop earrings were worn by college going girls. Toes rings, anklets made up of crystals and pearls were in great trend.

Tweety 20’s:

Today day’s jewelry is a fashion trend and is changing day to day with upcoming fashion. Today women what she likes to wear and is not bounded by any jewelry trend she dresses up in her own way whether she likes sleek, simple designs or a heavy piece of traditional jewelry or a hippie style jewelry all are a matter of her own choice. Different types of jewelry are adorned on different occasions whether it’s a disco party or traditional pooja jewelry changes from occasion to occasion.