Some people are born with a natural sense for fashion, while some learn the art by noticing others and making their own mistakes. Whichever way you learn, in today’s world it is important to be known as a fashionista, at least around your circle.

You spend thousands on your clothes, and what’s the point if nobody notices them? Being known for your fashion is not that easy, since there is stiff competition out there, but when you think about it, there’s always someone known for their fashion around you, be it high school, your office, your family or any industry.

So how do you dethrone competition, and be on top? Here are some tips:

Organize Your Wardrobe

It is imperative for your wardrobe to be sorted so that it can help you discover clothing you need for any occasion without any hassle. Additionally, this will help you comprehend what sort of garments you have and what are needed to be purchased.

Arrange your closet into segments, make one area for pants (jeans, shorts) and several others for shirts, shoes, accessories and bags etc. Your closet needs to look as alluring as possible.

Understand Your Sense of Dressing

See what fits you the best and how you wish to present yourself. You need to follow one specific style and remain true to it. For example, if you love to rock accessories, make sure to wear them always. You can get affordable ones at PearlsOnly.

You can do away with items that you do not need and purchase things that go well with your style statement. This is how all the celebs dress as well. Kim Kardashian, for example, is known for being controversial whereas Angelina Jolie is known for her own specific style.

There is no harm in being different. When you think about it, it can turn out to be your USP as well, so make sure to find your own identity and dress accordingly.

Shop Wisely

The third step it to shop what you require. Make a list of all things you require before you hit the stores and shop with a reason. You know precisely the amount you can spend on garments, shoes, and accessories, so remember the price tags while shopping and never make the mistake of going over your budget.

The fact of the matter is we frequently purchase dress that we don’t require, so make sure to be a smart shopper and never waste your money on things you do not need.

Get Inspired

There is no harm in being inspired by someone who is better than you at the fashion game. This person can be a celebrity or one of your friends. However, make sure you do not blatantly copy them.

Talk About It

You need to present yourself as a fashionista if you wish people to take you as one. This can be done by talking about your style on social media and using relevant tags. Additionally, attend fashion related events and be seen and heard.