Glasses are a wonderful thing. Of course, their primary purpose, helping your eyes see better is awesome. But long gone are the days when good eyesight meant ugly frames. Nowadays, designers are treating glasses just as they should be treated: as chic and fashionable accessories that can really enhance your face and elevate any outfit. Of course, it’s important to choose well – after all, you will be wearing them quite often, maybe even every day. And let’s not forget that quality frames and custom made lenses are by no means cheap. Here are some things to consider when picking out your dream frames.

What’s your style?

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It’s best not to rush into anything when you are choosing your glasses. After all, once you start wearing them, they will become a staple of your style. That means it’s essential to choose frames that will blend seamlessly into your wardrobe. Consider the clothes you tend to wear, as well as your shoes and bags. Which colors do you prefer, and what is your prevalent style? Do you spend your days in sweatpants, power suits, flowy boho outfits, or 50’s style sundresses? Remember that, if you really need glasses, skipping wearing them is not an option, even if they don’t go with your outfit on some days. Also, consider whether you want to follow the latest eyewear fashion, or opt for a more classic look.

What’s your shape?

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The shape of frames is often influenced by trends. However, much more importantly, the thing that should influence your choice is the shape of your face. Round faces will be elongated by wide rectangular frames. The opposite works well too: round or oval frames are particularly flattering on square and rectangular faces, as they tend to give the face a softer quality. The super chic cat eye glasses look best on diamond shaped faces. The perfect oval works with almost every shape, but still, it’s best to avoid glasses that are too large and cover a huge portion of the face. Of course, designer eyewear trends have been playing with unusual shapes too, and when it comes to those, you’ll just have to try them and see.

What are your colors?

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Two of the most popular eyewear trends for this year both pertain to color. The first are clear frames, and the second are the classic tortoiseshell glasses. Both of these are an excellent choice as they are very neutral and work with all hair and skin colors as well as any wardrobe. When it comes to color, your clothes are not the only thing to consider. The natural coloring of your hair and skin is just as important, maybe even more so.

What are your needs?

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Sometimes our choice of frames has to do with some very particular needs and preferences. If you are supposed to wear them all day, or considerably long hours every day, the rule of thumb is: the lighter the better. Some people prefer glasses with a wider bridge, instead of nose pads. Nose pads can also leave ugly looking indentation marks after longer wear. Athletes can buy special frames specifically designed for safety and a snug fit. If you’re getting your first pair of glasses, perhaps it’s best to find a reputable optometrist in Sydney who can advise you on the best frames for your lifestyle.

Now that glasses have earned a reputation as a fashionable accessory, fewer people are opting for contacts. A well-chosen pair of glasses can last you quite a long time, at least until you need to change your lenses again. They are also much less fussy than contacts, which is one of the main reason for their rising popularity.