When shopping for your newest wooden watch or accessory, there are many things to consider. From movement type to band style, it can be a tedious process to get the best pieces at the right price. Outside of the physical factors, there are also a few sustainability aspects that should be taken into consideration before giving wooden accessories a new home.

  • It’s pretty common to find manufacturers that produce in large numbers on non-sustainable machinery. When picking your new watch, aim for brands, such as Havern, that are completely This style of production creates jobs while maintaining a sustainable usage of wood material, rather than perpetuating over-production.
  • In addition to environmental sustainability, it’s always great to find a brand that supports social sustainability as well. There are many companies that couple eco-friendliness with charity to truly give you the best bang for your buck. A popular form of charitable shopping is known as the “buy one give one model”, in which, every purchase directly impacts someone in need. Apache Pine, for example, uses their watch line to provide free meals to the over 20 million orphans in India.
  • In shopping sustainably, it’s also important to consider shopping small. Small businesses like Arc Iris are both economically and environmentally friendly! By shopping small, you’re directly making a positive contribution to the local economy. Start-ups and small businesses prove that it’s not always necessary to shop globally to get the best accessories. Your sustainability needs can be met without sacrificing your personal style. Shopping small reduces your transportation related environmental impact while also supporting your community!
  • Finding truly sustainable accessories can be a bit of a chore, but sometimes, it’s as simple as checking the companies mission statement. Brands like Coral Tree make it apparent that environmentally friendliness is at the forefront of their product selection. This Aussie bred sunglass company keeps manufacturing local in order to maintain a low carbon footprint.
  • While many companies pride themselves in having a sustainable product, there are also brands that take their sustainability beyond the supply chain. Mistura, and other similar watch lines, have gone above and beyond to encourage their customers to plant trees in an effort to fight climate change. Their website allows you to add a donation of $2.99 to ensure that one tree is planted in South America. This type of sustainability initiative will actively create jobs and support a cleaner environment!
  • Finally, a bit of a no brainer, check the reviews! Yes, it is important to do the research yourself, however, it’s just as important to hear what others have to say about your potentially sustainable purchase. Look for reputable resources and lengthy reviews that give insight into both the quality and eco-friendliness of a product. Brands such as Urban Designer NYC show and prove with an amazing track record, making them a great place to start your search!

Deciding to shop sustainably is only the first step into making eco-friendly choices. The markets are filled with many green options, so take advantage of the best ones by following this guide and doing the background research.