Bachelorette party is this ultimate opportunity to gather people you like and go crazy before you finally settle down. It’s a milestone, an initiation into a new life. That’s why they tend to be big, loud and worth remembering. It’s definitely not an easy task to organise it, there’s so many people with different types of personality and interests, and juggling between what they want, what the bride wants and turning all that in an awesome party surely is something that requires a keen eye, good planning and organisation.

It actually sounds much easier when you realize that you are making a party for adults knowing that they are free to act silly and crazy, but here are some things you need to consider.

Work within the budget

Before you venture any deeper into organising you need the info what the people you are organizing for can afford. It’s not an easy question to ask, but it’s much more convenient to do this now than when the time comes to put some cash on the table. When you are finally aware of the amount you can spend, it is safe to start making the plans.

Type of event and transportation

Do you want it to be a night out? Or maybe a weekend getaway is what everyone has on mind? This also depends on different factors like for example people’s location. If everyone invited is located in the same city then it would be much more convenient to organize some clubbing to remember. You can rent a limo or a party bus from a company like Stay Classy and gather the invites, have a little cruise around the block until everyone warms up and then you all arrive at the crime scene in a luxurious vehicle ready to show off your swag.

Weekend getaway is a bit more expensive option but it is super convenient if majority of the people would have to travel anyway, so it would be best if you all could gather at a specific location and have a nice weekend to yourselves to go absolutely crazy.

Check the guestlist

Even though it is considered a sort of surprise party, you don’t really want to upset the bride by some guest she didn’t mean to invite or vice versa. It is all right to check that with her so that you two can work that out together which is in everyone’s interest. The worst thing you can do is assume who she might or might not like to see at the party, it’s a pretty big gamble with little to no chances to win. You need to know the headcount for logistic purposes like if you want to hire a limo you need one that can accommodate everyone.

What is the theme?

There’s no rule to say how bachelorette parties should look like. You have an absolute freedom to do whatever you want, but still, to know the boundaries, remember that you don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable. The best way to start is to learn what the bride likes and plan your event accordingly. Organize some sort of activity that includes things she really loves. If she is too shy to give you that information, you can ask her friends. Another idea is to plan an activity that challenges everyone’s comfort zone, something new, exotic, something none of the guys ever tried but always wanted, this is the perfect time and place. You can all go bungee jumping, scuba diving, maybe VIP tickets to bride’s favorite performer, etc.

Social media game

You know that it didn’t happen if you didn’t post it on Instagram, facebook, twitter or wherever. The social media game is important to squeeze more joy out of the event by letting others see how awesome it was, just make sure first that the bride is ok with that.