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Have you ever scoffed at someone who said something like “I need my beauty sleep’? Have you thought that they are a bit pretentious and a bit snobbish? Well, prepare to be wrong. In fact, the scientists who study sleep and aging now firmly agree that beauty sleep is not only an actual thing but that it is probably more effective than the vast majority of beauty products on the market today.

Sleep and mattress experts at Mattress Makers share some insights into the fabled beauty sleep and its benefits on our health.

What Is Beauty Sleep

When I first heard this phrase, I admit, I imagined a middle-aged woman with some kind of cosmetic treatment on her face and a sleeping mask covering her eyes.

However, beauty sleep is nothing more than a sufficiently long period of uninterrupted sleep which enables the sleeper to go through all of the phases of sleep.

And there are some actually noticeable and measurable health benefits to it. So, grab your favorite pillow, and fall asleep on your comfortable mattress.

You Get Fewer Winkles

Probably the number one concern of all people who take care of their looks and youthful appearance are wrinkles. Quality sleep has been found to promote the production of collagen in your skin.

If you are interested in beauty and cosmetics, you most likely know that collagen is what makes your skin elastic and looking youthful.

What’s more, if you sleep less, your skin will appear drier, which can only emphasize the wrinkles.

Fuller Hair

Your skin is not the only one that can benefit from good night sleep. In fact, your whole body does.

However, when it comes to appearance, there is nothing more impacted by good sleep than your hair.

In the simplest terms, your hair needs regular blood flow and nutrients to grow healthy. When you don’t sleep well, your blood flow can become erratic and not reach the far reaches of your body (like your scalp).

The hair can become brittle and less shiny. It may even reduce the rate of growth, or stop completely.

The Bags Under Your Eyes

If you are familiar with these unsightly testaments to the lack of sleep, you know how hard it can be to get rid of them, or even mask them for the day.

In fact, this is the first sign you will notice if you are not sleeping well. You should heed the warning from these dark circles around your eyes and do something about your sleeping situation before it escalates and manifests in these other symptoms.

Lifting your head a bit higher can also help reduce the swelling around the eyes, giving you a much fresher look in the morning. Adjustable base mattresses can be inclined to a position which suits you the best.

Sleeping enough and staying hydrated are two best remedies for bags and dark circles around your eyes, and you should practice both of them in sufficient amounts to keep your youthful and healthy look.

The Overall Appearance

When you don’t sleep enough, it can show on your entire body and especially the face.

Your mouth can droop slightly as a result of fatigue and you may not even notice it. However, other people will, and you will appear to be a lot grumpier and more somber than you may actually feel.

Not to mention that frowning (even involuntary) leads to more wrinkles, and we are back to the first and most dreaded beauty concern – wrinkles.

Getting enough sleep, and getting good quality sleep is important for your good looks, but are even more important for your health. So, do yourself a favor, and get plenty of sleep tonight.