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It is the holiday season beginning with Christmas and welcoming the New Year. People love to cherish every moment they spend with their family and often wish to choose the best places for a holiday in the world. The list provided below gives an insight into the best places to celebrate Christmas and New Year on Earth to experience the zeal.

  1. Bethlehem, West Bank

If one wishes to learn the real meaning of Christmas, then there is no better place than the birthplace of Jesus. The energy at Manger Square and lightened Christmas trees across the Old City is a feast to the eyes.

  1. Santa Claus Village, Finland

If Santa Claus brings happiness and adds joy, then head north to this Finland’s little village. The deep winter snow and reindeer forest go hand in hand for offering the best of the touristy atmosphere. Although it can be a bit expensive, nobody leaves the town without a smile.

  1. New York City, USA

No other city in the world stands up to the standards or what the New York City offers to the residents and travellers. It is the hot spot for spending Christmas and New Year with family and friends. Cheesy muzak, Christmas lights, the light dusting of snow, and lightening the tallest Christmas tree in the world at Rockefeller centre are the highlights.

  1. Bondi Beach, Australia

If the beach is the way for your holiday, head to Bondi beach in Australia. It replaces the snow with sun, sand and surfing. The beach attracts backpackers from different parts of the world and becomes home to DJs and bands who set the place on fire. It is, in fact, the most interesting festive season.

  1. The Vatican, Italy

The eternal city is magical during Christmas and New Year. One will find roasted chestnuts available across every corner of the street, and the town washed with native scenes, which one can enjoy at St. Peter’s Square, the church of Santa Maria, and Piazza Navona. The location is apt for all those who want to spend the holiday season in calm, peace, and wish the best in the upcoming year to their family and friends.

  1. Dublin, Ireland

The faithful Catholic Irish adopt novel ways to celebrate Christmas with a wit of humour added to the same. An eyebrow-raising activity that one will find interesting is a swim in the 40-foot sea water pool on the day of the Christmas. If shopping is on the list, then the 12-day Christmas Market in Docklands offers plenty for those who wish to have a wonderful time with family. One should not miss the carols at the St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

  1. Nuremberg, Germany

Germany is a perfect getaway for those who wish to spend beautiful moments with loved ones and enjoy the holiday season. Additionally, if present buying is on the list, then heading to the Christkindlesmarkt in Nuremberg’s Hauptmarkt is the answer. One will come across 180 stalls that sell toys, trinkets, candles, sweets, gingerbreads, wine, and much more. Visiting the place after dark is preferable, as the coloured lights turn the place into a fairy tale residence.