While independent and backpacking traveling is the norm for many, packaged tours have their advantages for many people. Self-organized trips can be fun for those who already have experience in traveling and possess the knowledge about planning the entire trip. Although it can be tedious, the fun involved in the planning is what makes the whole trip exciting.

When we are speaking about new travelers or first-time travelers, they find the self-organized method hectic and stressed. When, we are considering a group of new people, who are on their first journey, opting for a tour package it the best way to enjoy the entire trip.

The reasons for this are packaged tours a good option

  1. Comfortability
  2. Reduced stress
  3. Interaction with different people
  4. The presence of a local expert
  5. Reduced planning
  6. Complete convenience

Why a majority of the people head for self-organizing tours?

The answer to the question lies with the group that is traveling. If they wish to look at places or the essential places of a destination, they can opt for the packaged tours that will help them cover all the sight-seeing locations of a particular destination. For instance, a majority of the holiday planners offer a 15-day Europe package, where they cover all the major destinations of the continent. Furthermore, the trip includes local transfers, accommodation, food, and a local guide.

But, a majority of the groups tend to choose self-organized tours because traveling is all about exploring new places. It will help people to learn about new things, meet new people, learn about the culture, and cuisines. A tour can be anywhere – within the country, an explored region within the state, or overseas. Every traveler is the same, and heading for such travels will only help in testing the limits and explore the world. How they intend to accomplish is irrelevant.


When we speak about tours, a majority of them think about a bus filled with people from different regions, snapping pictures, while the guide is explaining briefly about the importance of a location. However, situations are different when it comes to self-organized and low-cost travels.

The imagination is right for first-time travelers. And importantly, it will help them. The reason is that they will understand how the trip starts and ends, what elements are present, the preparation of the itinerary and others.

There are different sizes and formats of tours. But, a majority of them look at a trip as a big stereotype. It is a natural tendency. But, tours are available for a single day or covers a month-long exploration. For example, a walking tour in the New York is the best example of a day tour.

As even the little tours count, it is essential for the group to choose to recognize what is crucial and what plays a crucial role. It is common for a few to come across a few bad tours. But, it does not mean that all the packaged tours are bad. Like stated earlier, it depends on what you are choosing and what you are seeking from the travel.


Not everybody is comfortable in picking a place and head to the same for a tour. With the help of the packaged tours, a group of people come together and explore the important destinations. The availability of the tour guide further enhances the trip because they offer insight into the importance of the locations and their history. It helps in acquiring new knowledge and learn about new things. As both organized and self-organized tour are helpful, choosing between the both depends purely on what you are seeking.