Many of us think that traveling is expensive. However, it is the opposite when we plan. Interestingly, it also depends on the destination that we choose, what we are expecting from the vacation and other several factors. In this editorial, we will look at the ways through which one can plan travel at low cost and travel to different locations without spending excessive amount.

The first phase to plan your travel at low cost

The first phase is the planning. It begins by zeroing on to the location where one wishes to head. Upon deciding the destination, it is time to consider the following points:

  1. There is no requirement of visa (if within the country), and if there is one, one can look for the application fees, travel visa fees, and other fees, as they change from one country to another
  2. Search for flights depending on the vacation period
  3. Keeping the dates flexible is important to ensure that the cost of the transportation reduces
  4. Choosing off-peak season is another way to reduce the cost of the vacation, as there will be less number of tourists
  5. The off-peak season also provides the chance to reserve accommodation at lower prices

The second phase to plan your travel at low cost

The second phase consists of the locations that you wish to see. You have to plan in such a manner that you will be covering at least two or three sight-seeing places. Furthermore, you can choose to book a local taxi that will help you cover the areas that you planned for your itinerary.

The other option that you can consider is booking a self-drive car, and explore the places. Of course, that will add a few more bucks to the cost, but it will be an exciting way to experience the vacation. It is only useful if you do not wish to sit in the hotel room, lie down, and read a book.

The third phase to plan your travel at low cost

Rather than considering a hotel, homestays and B&B (bed and breakfast) are a good option. Homestays are suitable for a family while B&B is suitable for individuals or couples who are traveling without children. Staying at these places not only helps in bringing down the cost but also helps in interacting with the locals. It will be an excellent experience to learn about a new culture, lifestyle, and cuisines. As the locals have a good idea about the best places to explore in the city, they will offer you suggestions and the best time to visit the same.

Depending on them, you can consider altering the plan of the sight-seeing and ensure that you enjoy to the maximum while spending less.

The fourth phase to plan your travel at low cost

Eating out is always expensive. You do not want to eat the same food that you eat back at home when you arrive at a new destination. Try to look for the local restaurants or the best street foods. They offer tasty food and at a price more than half of what a restaurant charges. Searching the internet will be a good idea to locate the best places to eat.


By clubbing all the phases into one, it is possible to travel at low cost irrespective of the destination. All it requires is planning, and follow the activity in stages to ensure that you will have a smooth trip without any hitches and at the best price. Make sure to follow the points as explained in this post, as it will help you pick appropriate destinations, flights, accommodations, sight-seeing places, and eateries. Pack light and according to the season, and have the best trip with your family or friends.