Asia warmly welcomes its visitors to indulge in the adventurous, mesmerising trip down the lanes of ancient civilizations.

Introduce yourself to China on your visit to Hong Kong which can still be distinguished from China. Go on excursions, climb mountains, admire skyscrapers and explore theme parks in this former British colony. Bargain hard and shop till you drop and gorge on the delicacies of Asia’s most popular destination with tourists. Take a look at the country’s culture in Beijing such as the Great Wall of China and the forbidden city of Lhasa. The best time to visit China is during the spring or autumn as these are the best time for sightseeing.

Bali is an ideal place for both kinds of people- those seeking adventure and those who love nature. The interiors are rugged which give you an insight to the ancient temples. Experience the unique nature of Balinese culture which makes it different from other destinations. The concept of ecotourism and culture tourism is what makes Bali unique. It is also called the Island of Temples and the Island of God. The nature parks, waterfalls and beaches will truly give you a wonderful vacation. Come and cleanse your mind in the world’s best island.

Goa has always been a hotspot for tourists in India and from abroad. The beaches are heavenly and so are the numerous waterfalls. The entire state has a Portuguese flavour and you will be charmed by the art and architecture which date back to the times before the English influence.

There’s no delaying in the fast-paced city of Tokyo, Japan. The fashion and hotel prices will keep you on the run always but you can escape into the museums or temples or just indulge yourself in the taste of sushi. Moving from the financial capital, you can hop to the hub of culture in Kyoto which has a wealth of shrines and temples that are historically significant.

Crystal blue water, orange sunsets, local citrus – Maldives has all these and more to gift its visitors. The sublime nature of this paradise constantly stays in the dreams of the travellers. The must-visit list includes ‘Male’, ‘National Museum’, and ‘Maldives Victory’. The white sandy beaches and the colourful reefs are a treat for the eyes. All the islands are scenic splendours and thus give the visitor a memory to cherish for lifelong. Shift your focus from the daily, mundane life and soak up the pleasures of the islands.

Taste Southeast Asia on a culinary trip to Singapore where you get everything from international cuisines to the local flavour. The same fusion goes in the city’s skyline too. The malls will allure you to empty your pockets and fill your shopping bags.

Bangkok has vibrancy in its neighbourhoods and you will soak in the flavours of the Thai cuisine and the never ending nightlife. There are ample places to shop- from huge malls to road side stalls where you get beautiful handmade jewelleries. Phuket can well be compared to a paradise owing to the beautiful hills and beaches. It has gone to become the foremost spot for vacation in Thailand. If you want to enjoy some water sports and also an enthralling nightlife then you can surely head towards the Patong beach. Chiang Mai is well-known for its warm hospitality and the extraordinary landscapes.

Sri Lanka is just like a small pearl in the huge Indian Ocean. The island’s beauty lay in the natural surroundings of the country- the tropical forests and its blossoming wildlife. The beaches are beautiful all the more because of the beach houses and bamboo groves which line the shores of Sri Lanka. It is ideal for a relaxing vacation away from the din and bustle.