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From magnificent architecture to grand museums, Europe has everything to offer to its visitors apart from its elegant nightlife and luxurious facilities of recreation. The continent is considered to be the birthplace of Western culture and is characterised by classical antiquity. Mountains like the Ural and the Caucasus intensify the beauty of the continent.

Iceland is said to be the topmost place to visit in Europe especially during your summer trip. It is better known as the ‘Land of Midnight Sun’. The country offers a picturesque view ranging from white glaciers to contrasting black sands to craggy volcanoes and lush green valleys.

England shows the power and suppleness of its traditional culture and heritage. You can go for a musical evening in Leicester Square or take a glance at the Tower of London standing tall with its pride of glory. Don’t forget your share of fish ‘n’ chips which is a must-have delicacy offered by any English pub.

Italy is a country which speaks to its visitors with the language of its cuisine. It offers some of the world’s best food and wine. It will also inspire you with its rich art and architecture. When you walk through the lanes of Rome, your eyes are bound to be mesmerised by the embellishing designs of fashion and your senses would be overjoyed with the fresh flavours of Italy. The Colosseum and St. Peter’s Basilica are must visit for all.

If you want a taste of Italy’s architecture, then you must move towards Florence which waits for you with its masterpieces like Michelangelo’s ‘David’. Venice is famous for its ‘gondola’ rides down the Grand Canal. It also has loads of theatres and churches for all the art lovers to take a visit. If you want to take a tour in the wineries or olive groves then Tuscany is the right place for you. You should also visit the world’s largest gothic cathedral- Duomo Cathedral– in Milan. Not only this, it is also a prominent name in the fashion world housing many top class fashion labels.

Another place famous for its magnificent art and architecture is France. Places like Louvre Museum, the Eiffel Tower and churches like Notre Dame invite you to Paris. Dining in the sidewalk cafes will provide you with a long-lasting impression of your meals. You can also buy clothes and accessories to take along and fill up your wardrobe at home because Paris houses many renowned fashion brands of the market.

Take a look of history in the German city of Berlin. The Holocaust memorials and other remnants of Cold War put up the picture of the scenario during the period of the two World Wars. The cuisine is very innovative and the fashion quite trendsetting too.  The nightlife is bound to buzz up your trip up too. Germany charmingly mixes modernity with traditionality.

The Spanish city of Barcelona uniquely mixes the old and new models of architecture. The city’s traditional side is showcased in places like the Montjuic Castle and La Seu.  Savour the performances of the flamenco dancers, indulge in the inventive cuisine and enjoy the nightlife in Spain. Madrid is a very easy to navigate city and fits within everyone’s budget too. It has places to shop for souvenirs like Mercado San Miguel.

The city of Prague seems just like a set out of the fairytale. The architecture of the city is gothic in nature and the city portrays the love for music through its architecture too. This city is also much more affordable in comparison to other European places. Portugal is another affordable city that allows the tourists to escape into the beauty of the beaches and also explore the museums and cathedrals.

Istanbul bears the evidence of the convergence of the two continents- Europe and Asia. The lively culture of Turkey is well viewed in this city. Places like the Grand Bazaar are the best places to enhance your bargaining skills.

These are just a few among the numerous wonderful places that lie in Europe ready to capture the minds of the visitor and make him fall in love with Europe forever.