Yes, it’s true that flying is the most convenient way when travelling long distances. Even if there has been increased security in all airports, there is still an issue with passengers losing their luggage and other items that they leave at the check-in counter.

To guarantee the safety of your luggage for air travel, you’ll need to learn ways to discourage possible robbers from breaking into your baggage. Since your valued stuff is separated from you throughout the time of the trip, doing extra measures to protect those belongings is just right.

Check out these smart techniques on how to protect your baggage during air travel.

Choose a Hard-sided Suitcase

You should consider purchasing a hard-sided suitcase. Many conventional suitcases have builds that use use sturdy fabrics and strong zippers. Even though it’s made out of quality fabrics, a thief could use a knife and cut around the fabric and zipper which could prove problematic.

The scenario above is why a hard case is a good investment. It has clasps which makes it more complicated to break into. Multiple layers make it difficult for thieves to cut into your luggage. If you want to have a wide selection of luggage to choose from, you can try to check on the Internet. Sites such as Luggage Online are great sources that you can visit anytime.

Keep It Minimal

Your baggage must not be too flashy or attractive. For once, this sort of grabbing attention is not necessary, as it may attract robbers or thieves. Furthermore, don’t get a valuable object and display it in front of many people. Doing so is unsafe.

Putting Labels On Your Luggage


Labels on your luggage is also a good idea to make your luggage easily identifiable for you. Your label should include your name and your number. Be careful of putting too much information such as including your home address might put your personal safety at risk.

This way, if something happens to your luggage, it would be much easier for the person who found it to contact you about your missing luggage without compromising or giving away too much information about yourself.

Another helpful travel tip is by removing stickers or tags from the previous flights. By doing this, it’ll lessen confusion on the airline personnel’s part from unintentionally sending your baggage elsewhere rather than your destination.

Using a Quality Lock For Your Luggage

Use a suitable lock that will keep your luggage safe. When buying a lock for your luggage, be sure that what you buy a lock that will fit in the case. Otherwise, you would not be able to close your luggage or suitcase properly.

A solid thick shackle is much better, as it would be difficult to cut or pick off. If your lock uses a key to open, always remember that you must keep the key close to you. Be careful not to lose it as it’ll only cause you a lot more problems.

Keep Luggage Close


Upon arriving at the airport, remember not to leave your luggage unattended. Keep it close to you if you can, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

You should never let your luggage get out of your sight. Carry it with you wherever you’ll go around in the airport. This approach will reduce the probability of someone walking off with your baggage.

Keep an eye on your luggage when it comes to specific areas in the airport. These areas are inspection gates and x-ray machines which scan your luggage. Watch how personnel handle your luggage and see to it that they do not do something wrong.


A lot of exotic places around the world are splendid tourist spots to visit. However, always remember that you must be a responsible traveler every time you go on a trip, particularly in your belongings. Being said that, one should have basic knowledge of how to protect their valuables.

By keeping in mind these techniques, you will be able to have a sense of peace of mind that nothing wrong will happen to your belongings so that you can achieve a smoother and more delicate trip.

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