Once you are done with your relationship, many will advise you not to go back. No matter who is in charge of the breakup, it is likely that it happened for a good reason. But there is one essential factor that many people forget about – feelings.

Love and passion do not vanish at the same moment when you end your relationship. And you’ll maybe have the same feeling even after months and years. It is the primary reason why people want to get back their ex-partners again, and forget things like fraud and lying, just to make everything as before. About the other reasons for renewing your relationship, you can read more here.

If you are responsible for breaking up and want to bring back your ex-lover and convince her of the honesty of your feelings, this may be the article for you. It is possible to start over, even to make your relationship better and stronger than before.

Don’t Be Childish

It is imperative to be serious and persistent in your intention to get your lady back. That means forgetting childish behavior, such as making her jealous, ignoring her calls and messages, or acting disinterested. These things could work, but you will make her feel bad. And if you really love your ex and want to be with her, you’ll act mature and dedicated.

You should not exaggerate either. Being boring and annoying will cause a counter-effect. Let the girl breathe and gather her thoughts and feelings. If she still loves you, she’ll give you a second chance, if you play it right. Arm yourself with wisdom and patience, and be prepared for compromises — everything for her.

Know when to Say ‘Sorry’

If your quest for information on how to get your ex back for good, keep in mind that saying ‘sorry’ is a priority. If you are the one to blame for ending a relationship, you should be really sorry because of that. And your ex-girlfriend should believe in your remorse and sincerity of your apologies.

An honest apology is drastically different from asking for pity. That should be the utmost rule of getting your ex back – don’t beg! You mustn’t play the victim after the breakup, even though you are not guilty of breaking up. Do say your life is lame since you’re not together. She shouldn’t get back to you because she feels sorry for you, but because she loves you.

Be Patient and Persistent

In getting your ex back, you need a lot of patience, because nothing can happen overnight. If you realized your mistakes, and won’t repeat them, this is the moment for action. If you reconcile and the problem is not resolved, it is possible to escalate after a while and cause irreparable damage.

It is best to take some time out of the breakup and let you both realize that you want to try again. Try to approach your lady on a friendly basis, with no hidden intentions. Make her trust you again. Talk about things that are not about you and your relationship. Socialize with others, and try to spend more time just hanging around. The goal is to reawaken her feelings, not to force them.

Don’t Change Radically

People usually make drastic changes after the breakup, such as changing their hairstyle or getting in shape. Although this phase is noticeable in most separated couples, this is not the best way to channel feelings.

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You need to do your best to feel better, but if you plan to bring your girlfriend back, don’t make radical changes to your look and behavior. She will wonder why you didn’t do that while you were together. So leave those ‘adjustments’ for later, when you manage to renew your relationship. If you really care about that girl, you will change for the better for her and yourself.

If you two love each other, despite the harsh words and arguments, love will win. You have to approach the partner openly, warmly and humanly, and not to do some things behind their backs. An honest conversation between two adult people who still love each other, but are not together, can make them renew their relationship.